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If the CD has been sealed then no you can't but if it hasn't then you should be able to by dragging and dropping the file into the CD drive on My Computer. If you need any more help email me.

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Q: Can you add music to a cd-r that already has one song recorded on it?
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After removing the vocals from stereo songs, you can record your voice and add that audio into the songs with AV Music Morpher Gold.

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Connect your usb cord to your computuer and add songs that you want to it but you have to have music already added to your libary.

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well, in most stores, the package will tell you whether or not you can put music on it. It will say how many minutes of music you can download to one disc. I don't think that you can add music to a CD if you've already finalized it. You'd have to erase it and start over.

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theres suppose to be a add button at what song you want to pick and than press the add button than it would say "Do you wish to add it to your profile" and than press ADD SONG TO PROFILE

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my fav. song is "you belong with me" nvm... try

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If you haven't downloaded the song, go download from Mp3raid and you have to make sure the music works by listening to it, if there's no music then the file is broken. If you have downloaded the song and it's not in the right format. Simply rename the song and then add a ".mp3" to it and then it will change. If it's in .av or other things etc, delete them and then add .mp3

Can you use a song when producing PowerPoint?

Yes. Any kind of sounds can be added to Powerpoint. There are some built-in ones. You can also add your own. So if you had a CD with music on it, that could be added in. If you recorded yourself singing, that could be added in. It can be done through Insert.

How do you move your limewire music to your music library in itunes?

What you do is after you have finished downloading your song, go on to itunes and follow these steps: # Go to Files # Go to add libary to files # scroll though and look for the song # press open # it should be in your Music Libary