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Can you add music to a cd-r that already has one song recorded on it?


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If the CD has been sealed then no you can't but if it hasn't then you should be able to by dragging and dropping the file into the CD drive on My Computer. If you need any more help email me.


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Download Windows Movie Maker and add audio and select music from your computer then save that file (your video with the music you put on) and upload it to youtube or what ever you want to do with it

To add music to your streetpass playlist or any other Nintendo 3DS music playlist, the song must first be copied to your system's SD card. Once you have done this, use the Nintendo 3DS Music application to browse to the location of the song that you want to add to your playlist. After highlighting the song you want to add, tap the "Add..." button, then tap "StreetPass" from the list of playlists, then "Add" again.

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After removing the vocals from stereo songs, you can record your voice and add that audio into the songs with AV Music Morpher Gold.

Assuming you have Windows Media Player 11, you just go to File>Add to Library and add the music files you want. Or just play the song you want to add to your library.

Connect your usb cord to your computuer and add songs that you want to it but you have to have music already added to your libary.

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well, in most stores, the package will tell you whether or not you can put music on it. It will say how many minutes of music you can download to one disc. I don't think that you can add music to a CD if you've already finalized it. You'd have to erase it and start over.

The first stage is to write the lyrics to a song. Then, a melody should be invented to accompany the lyrics. Once the lyrics and melody have been created, the song is generally recorded in a recording studio. These studios have equipment that can record vocals and instruments. They can also digitally add instruments that haven't been recorded in person. Once these components are added together (the vocals and the instruments creating the music) the song is complete. This page has step by step instructions on how to add music to your myspace profile. Go on music and then search the song that you want then clik it then add it to your page bye pressing add

If you haven't downloaded the song, go download from Mp3raid and you have to make sure the music works by listening to it, if there's no music then the file is broken. If you have downloaded the song and it's not in the right format. Simply rename the song and then add a ".mp3" to it and then it will change. If it's in .av or other things etc, delete them and then add .mp3

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