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Yes. When the spell checker finds a word it does not know, just click on the Add to dictionary button.

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Q: Can you add words to the dictionary of the spelling checker in excel?
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Does the spelling checker in excel finds all the misspellings words?


What is the dictionary in Microsoft Excel used for?

It contains the words that the spell checker uses for checking for errors. You can add new words to the dictionary.

What reviews the spelling of individual words or sections of a document or the entire document?

spelling checker

How does Spell Check Work?

For a spelling checker algorithm to work, there has to be a list of words or a dictionary with correct words. The algorithm has to take each word and see if exists in the dictionary. If a word does not exist in the dictionary, it gets highlighted as a misspelling. To speed up searching a word in a dictionary, a computer program may use indexing and binary search etc..Then the next step is to suggest correct spelling. For this, the spell checker uses pattern matching. A good Spelling suggestion algorithm may split a given misspelled word in to syllables and look for words that has as many syllables of the misspelled word in that order to list spelling suggestions. Most of the time, misspellings goes in vowels.

How can a dictionary help with your studies?

A dictionary can help you with the spelling and meaning of words.

What would you use to hold words you commonly use but that are not included in the main dictionary of excel?

custom dictionary

Why does your spell check not correct spelling?

That happens sometimes, if the word is not in your dictionary. if you're on Microsoft Word, click tools, then spell check. if it still isn't working, then the words that are incorrect probably aren't in your dictionary, or even better, you didn't make a mistake!Another answer:A spell checker can only check individual words. It cannot take the context into account. Therefore, if you have written "The children found there cat in the kitchen", you have made a spelling mistake (you should have written "their" not "there") but the spell checker will not correct it.

Why do you use a dictionary?

To understand the correct spelling and meaning and pronunciation of words.

What types of spelling errors are not caught by an electronic spell checker?

words that are spelled differently but sound the same

What information can be found in the dictionary?

The information found in a dictionary can include the correct spelling of words, their meanings, examples of their use, and clues as to the origins of words.

What can help your spelling?

Read a dictionary, or sound words out... sounding it out doesn't always work so if you read a dictionary... you can learn the words that do not work

Which mistakes are NOT highlighted by the spell checker in a word-processing document?

A spell checker will find spelling errors in a word processing document. It will not find words that are used incorrectly in a sentence.

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