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Most insurance companies will allow that, for the ones that dont, simply add your name to the registration and then they would have to do it .

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If you are going to college does your father have to pay child support?

The is dependent on the state. Only a few states require it. see links below

Should I write daughters or daughter's?

it depends what you're sentence is. for example, if it belongs to someone, you say with a apostrophe. If it is like my daughters going to the park then you say without an apostrophe. It would be 'My daughter is going to the park.' You would still add an apostrophe because of the 'daughter is' so it would be 'My daughter's going to the park' If you have two daughters it would be without an apostrophe. 'My daughters are going to the park.'

If your son over the age of 25 is still living at home and going to college can you claim him as a dependent relative and claim the education credit?

no up until 24

What is the difference between policy and policy statement?

Policy statement is what you say you are going to do. Policy is what you do, which should be in line with the policy statement.

Should you keep your 18 year old son on your car insurance if he moves out of state and isn't going to college?

If he will be driving the car, then he should be on the policy.

Is Barack Obama's daughters going to be on the Hannah Montana show?

His daughters were invited to appear, but i don't think they decided yet

Is scotty mccreery going to college?

yes he is going to my cousins college

Are Barack Obama's daughters going to a public school?


How is historical cost dependent on the going concern?


Is Miley Cyrus is really going to college?

is Miley Cyrus going to college

How do you lie like Emily Osment about going to college?

Emily Osment is studying at college. She has not lied about going to college.

What did the kings daughters get form the king by going to new France?

the D

What are the similarities and differences between going to college and not going to college?

I am dumb and in pre-k

What is a college education?

a college education is going to college and getting an education

Where is your sister going to college?

Going to Antarctica?

What is the Effects of going college?

Going to college makes you educated. In college you will be able to learn new things and make new friends.

Do you need to have a college education to join the wwe?

No. But it will get you more money by going to college before going there.

Do you have to pay child support after your child is 18 years old if your child is going to college and living at home with her mother in New York?

That is dependent on state law and your specific orders. In most states, no. But there are those that do require it, with some requiring that you also pay for the college education.

What was the Policy of going to all out war?


If an age of child support termination was not included in the support order in a VA case and the child is still living at home and going to college does the support continue until college graduation?

As long as the child is in university they are still considered a dependent and are still covered by child support. And aren't you glad your dhild is going to university and more than happy to help them out with it.

What college is Dylan Sprouse going to?

they are going to NYU :)

What is a synonym for going dutch?

Paying for onself without being dependent.

What is a density dependent factor for population growth?

mom is going home

Is Emily osment done with acting now that shes going to clown college?

I don't understand where you've been given that information. Emily is not going to a "clown college". She is going to a normal college.

School or College life better?

going to school and going to college are importantif u don't go to school u will not be allowed to go to college