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With Medicare, you are on your own plan individually. Your wife, when eligible, would be on her own plan and not added to your existing plan.

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Q: Can you add your wife to your existing Medicare insurance if she is unemployed?
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Whose insurance is primary when husband is retired not on medicare and wife is working?

It the wife has her husband on her work insurance plan than that is his primary insurance. If he is not covered on her plan then he would need to buy his own insurance. Once he gets on Medicare that would become his primary insurance. If his wife is still working once he gets on Medicare the primary carrier is determined by how many people work for her company. If there are less than 100 employees then Medicare would be primary.

Where do I go to find medicare insurance plans?

The best place to go is to visit the medicare website or call Medicare about plans and programs which will give you and your wife the coverage you desire. They will work with you and help you through your situation.

Is there a penalty for not taking medicare B if covered under wife's insurance and is primary?

No, you are not subject the the late enrollment penalty if you were covered by an insurance plan or your spouse's insurance plan at the time you were eligible. Make sure you receive a copy of your creditable coverage letter once you plan to enroll in Medicare Part B, so you can prove you were covered. For more information on the time frames for enrolling in Part B should you lose or drop coverage, see the link below on the Medicare website to the Medicare & You Handbook, page 21.

If your wife switches from the insurance at her job to the insurance at your job will her pregnancy still be covered?

If any agent tells you that your wife's pre-existing pregnancy is covered, get it in writing. Twenty-three years ago, I wound up paying the whole bill for my first child's delivery when my wife's employer changed insurance companies. The new company said they were not required to pay for pre-existing conditions. To this day, I think we got hosed, but that's water over the dam. Don't let it happen to you.

Should I get jewelry insurance for my wife?

When you purchase expensive pieces of jewelry you can purchase riders for existing homeowners insurance policies. A rider will cover items on a piece by piece basis for a specified value. Check with your insurance company to see if this will meet your needs.

Does my Medicare cover your wife too?

Medicare doesn't cover spouses. Each person must have their own account and policy. This is an important consideration if the older partner decides to retire before the younger one reaches age 65. If the younger person relied on the older partner for health coverage through their employer, they'll be responsible for their own medical insurance until they also reach age 65.

How do you maintain health insurance coverage for your wife and son after you turn 65 and are eligible for Medicare?

Where you covered under an Employer Group or Individual Plan? If Employer Group - they would be eligible for COBRA - If Individual - then just tell the Insurance Company to take you off.

Can a US citizen who is unemployed sponsor his wife whose I-94 has not expired yet for US citizenship?

The US citizen can sponsor his wife for a green card, not for US citizenship. Since he is currently unemployed, he will need to get a joint sponsor to complete an affidavit of support for his wife.

I was diagnosed with two brain tumors. I had the first one out last week and the second one will be removed this coming Friday. I am self employed and do not have health insurance. My wife is unemployed. Can you help me?

Can I get a grant to help with my medical expenses?

Can the unemployed wife get alimony in Maryland?

That is dependent of circumstances, length of marriage, and the judge.

When you are 65 and get on Medicare can your wife also be on Medicare even if she is not 65?

One thing to remember about Medicare is that it is an individual plan. If you are on Medicare due to disability, that is your Medicare plan alone and your spouse would need to qualify on her own. Unless she has certain disabilities, your spouse would need to be turning 65 to qualify for Medicare. Check the link below to see about eligibility:

What does the D6 mean on Medicare card?

D6 on the end of medicare card means Surviving Divorced Wife, age 60 or over