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VW Golfs have hydrolic clutches that you cannot adjust.

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2014-02-20 15:49:59
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Q: Can you adjust a clutch on a 2000 VW Golf?
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How do you adjust clutch on vw golf 2001 tdi?

this is a hydrolic cluch you cant adjust is.

How do you adjust clutch pedal on a 1995 vw golf?

You don't. 1995 VW Golf's and GTI's (4cyl & VR6 models) have a hydraulic clutch which means it will self adjust itself to the driver over time. Hand adjusting isn't possable

How do you adjust a VW Golf MK1 carburetor?

You can adjust your VW carburetor by using the adjustment screws. There is an adjustment screw to adjust the flow of fuel. There is an adjustment screw to adjust the flow of air.

Bolt pattern VW golf 2000?


Need to know if a jetta transmission can fit a 2000 vw golf?

does a VW golf auto transmission interchange with ajetta?

What is wrong if you changed the clutch on a 2000 Beetle and now it won't go into reverse?

Clutch free play needs adjusting. On a vw clutch you muct be sure the system is bled, if it has been successfully bled then you must adjust the shift linkages.

How do you replace an alternator on a 2000 vw golf gti?

Just changed the alternator on my 2000 vw golf and now can't get the alternator belt back on - any suggestions?

What causes a 1994 VW Golf clutch not to dis-engage while shifting gear when the cable is still okay?


How do you adjust fan belt tension on a vw golf mk2?

The alternator is rotated on it's pivot to adjust belt tension.

Would rims from a 2000 vw jetta fit on a 2007 VW Golf?

No. Different pattern

How to fill Transmission fluid Golf VW gti 2000?

The 2000 VW Golf transmission can be filled through the transmission dipstick tube. Using a funnel is recommended, to limit spilling.

How do I change the engine in a 1995 VW Golf?

$2000 and German mechanic

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