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Q: Can you adopt a pet Lilian Lovebird?
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When was Lilian's Lovebird created?

Lilian's Lovebird was created in 1896.

Where can you purchase a lovebird?

One can buy a lovebird from a local pet store for a good price. One can adopt a lovebird from a rescue shelter or directly buy the lovebird from a bird breeder.

What is better to have as a pet bird a parakeet or a lovebird?

A lovebird: It can survive in winter.

How do you get your bin pet to adopt a bin pet to adopt a bin pet to aboot a binpet?

you cant! dont be silly

What does it mean when you adopt a pet?

Take a pet

In webkinz do you have to adopt the pet in the pet of the month?

You don't have to...

What eats a lovebird?

Well....As a domesticated pet.....Lovebirds are only hunted by cats.

Are there any pet games where you adopt a pet then take care of it with no codes?

Check Out:

Where can you adopt a pet seal?

I don't think you can adopt a seal, but in Alaska they might have some pet seals

What are the release dates for Your Life - 1999 Adopt a Pet?

Your Life - 1999 Adopt a Pet was released on: USA: 2000

Where can you adopt a hamster?

a pet store

How do you adopt an orangutan?

You can adopt a orangutan as part of a program in a zoo or with the wildlife association. You can not "adopt" one as a pet.

How do you get a pet of the month gift?

if u adopt the pet of the month in that month

How do you adopt a foo pet?

go on the pet name it feed it care for it

To adopt a pet are there fees?

Sometimes there are fees to adopt pets but it depends on where you go.

Where could a person adopt British Bulldogs?

A person can adopt British Bulldogs from the following sources: Bluecross, Bluedog Rescue, Adopt A Pet, Pet Finder, Adopt A Bull Rescue, Adopt a Bull, eBully Match, to name a few.

Where can someone adopt Lhassa Apso puppies from?

There are many places where one can adopt Lhassa Apso puppies. One can adopt Lhassa Apso puppies from popular on the web sources such as Adopt A Pet and Pet Find.

Which bird is best to keep as a pet a parrot or love bird?

LOVEBIRD. Their simply smaller and cuter.

Should you get a Lovebird from a local pet shop or a Local bird carrier?

I wouldn't trust any local pet shop over an individual!

Do you have to adopt the pet of the month on Webkinz?

no of couse not

How do you get easy moshlings?

go to adopt pet

Where can you adopt a guinea pig?

In a Pet shop!

If you adopt a pet do you have to pay for it if its not netured?

yes you do

How do you adopt a bin pet?

buy a bin...

What is guffins?

a website where you adopt a virtual pet