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Q: Can you adopt a pet panda in China?
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Can you legally adopt a red panda in Virginia?

Of course, it isn't legal to adopt a red panda as a pet, but you can support red pandas by donating money to organisations that support red pandas. I hope this helped!

Websites for kids where you adopt a pet?

Animal jam is a fun kid friendly place where you adopt a panda rabbit penguin and more. i have my own and it is very fun.

How do you adopt a panda bear?

You cannot adopt a panda bear. They are a highly valued national treasure of China. They are allowed to go to zoos in other countries under strict regulations. They get very large, and they require very specialized care.

Can you have a pet panda if you help them and then they like us?

No, you can not have a pet panda. Even zoos have to get special permission from China to have a panda and they are only on loan. They are an endangered animal. If you want to watch a panda go to the San Diego Zoo web cam for the panda exhibit in the zoo and you can see them. Get a stuffed panda or give a donation to the World Wild Life.

Can you adopt a red panda and let the zoo care for them?

no you can not adopt a red panda and let the zoo cre for them

Can the panda be a pet?

Well, if you lived in China, and had millions of tons of bamboo, and a poop-cleaner-maid, then sure!

Did anyone ever have a panda as a pet?

no nobody has had a panda as a pet

What kingdom is a panda?


How do you help panda from extinction?

Adopt a panda.

Is it possible to rent a panda for a day?

Yes you can adopt a panda , you can either adopt it by sending money and go see it in a zoo but unfortunately as some others said you have to have a legal permit to adopt the panda .

Can you adopt a wild panda?


What place has the panda logo?

WWF, do some research on this you can adopt a panda

If you lived in china could you have a panda as a pet?

I doubt it because Pandas are endangered so the Gov. wouldn't allow anyone to.

What do you do when you adopt a panda?

When you adopt a panda, you are providing some money every month towards the care of the panda in a zoo. Care for pandas is very expensive. Zoos will provide "adoption certificates" for donors.

How can a panda bear live?

a panda bear can live in CHINA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!a panda bear can live in CHINA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How do you get your bin pet to adopt a bin pet to adopt a bin pet to aboot a binpet?

you cant! dont be silly

How can humans help pandas?

we can donate money to panda charitites or adopt a panda

What panda lives in China?

Both the giant panda and the red panda are found in China.

Why is the panda a symbol for China?

The panda is a symbol of china beacuse thats their habitat.

What did han emperors further economic in china?

Abraham Lincoln had a bright blue hat,that was 2feet tall.he was 10feet tall and he had a green beard.he also had a pet panda and a pet black bear

Where can you get a red panda?

It is illegal to have a red panda as a pet.

Is the panda related to China?

The giant panda comes from China. It lives in the south east of China and central China.

Are there any pet games where you adopt a pet then take care of it with no codes?

Check Out:

Where can you adopt a pet seal?

I don't think you can adopt a seal, but in Alaska they might have some pet seals

What does it mean when you adopt a pet?

Take a pet