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Which term names the process in which the Supreme Court agrees to hear an appeal?

writ of certiorari

What do you do if your doctor does not submit to your secondary insurance and now its denied for timely filing?

appeal to secondary insurance

What is it when an appellate court upholds a verdict?

This means that the Court which has heard the appeal agrees with the original judgment and therefore affirm the original judgment.

Does dental insurance ever cover getting braces?

Although not common, some medical plans do offer this kind of service. Definitely play up the case of a speech impediment should it come to an appeal.

If you are at fault in a wreck can your insurance only pay medical bills and refuse to pay for pain and suffering or for transportation to the doctor?

It's not actually a refusal. It is whatever is stipulated in your policy. Insurance companies are very careful about wording in documents. Although you can appeal to the company and also through the courts. But fighting an insurance company is usually an uphill battle.

Can you get an appeal is allowed decision and nothing changes?

Yes. Even if the Appelate Court agrees to review your case, it is no guarantee that their review will result in any change to the outcome of your case

Preparing for an appeal in a DUI case?

What happened to Security Home Life Insurance Co, Springfield, MO

A family member is very ill with MS and her health insurance company cancelled her insurance we are filling an appeal who could help us get the insurance reinstated?

Most states have an Insurance Commissioner. I would start with his or her office. (The Insurance Commissioner for the state of Georgia is John Oxendine. I do not know what state you are in.)

What are my alternatives when self funded insurance rejects an appeal for necessary surgery?

AnswerAs long as it isn't an exclusion of the policy they really can't deny it. Just call the insurance and have someone review it. Shouldn't be a problem.

When you have a car accident is it mandatory or normal for the insurance company to pay for pain and suffering if damage was done?

Unfortunately, you left out critical details, such as how and where the accident occurred, who was at fault, whether all involved parties are insured, and of what "pain and suffering" you are referring. Regardless, "pain and suffering" is a matter for the courts, not the insurance companies. As with any other case, at least in the USA, if the courts decide that "pain and suffering" is warranted, then the offender's insurance company would, most likely, appeal the ruling. If the appeal fails, then that insurance company is obligated to pay, assuming that the at-fault driver is so insured; otherwise, the offender's insurance company would not be involved at all, except for peripheral details, and the offender would take the brunt of the claim. If the offender wins the appeal, then the victim should appeal. As you can see, this can take a lot of time, money, and effort.

Filing claim pre existing conditions for appeal?

Many insurance companies will denial claims for pre-existing conditions. You have a right to appeal all claims. You should call your company first to see why the clam was denied.

What is a good sentence for the word nonprofit?

The ones cheap insurance life term U.K. who built around the so have nonprofits appeal of her.

Can you appeal a trial by jury if you are not pleased with the public defenders results?

You may appeal the outcome of your trial. You can try to represent yourself (pro se) or, find a private attorney to represent your if you can find one who agrees that the case might be arguablet. As a practical matter I doubt that you'll get any further help for the Public Defenders Office.

How do you get medical insurance to pay for treatment of dentinogenesis imperfecta?

Treatment of dentinogenesis imperfecta consists of applying enamel to the teeth, a service provided by dentists. Though dental services are not generally covered by medical insurance, you could request your plan to consider covering it. Your rationale will be that the condition is genetic, has a broad impact on your overall health, and the treatment is not cosmetic. Your dentist will be the point person for arguing your case to the health plan. It's possible that the plan will cover it. If they refuse, you can appeal the decision and have an outside party review your case. Good luck!

What is the meaning leave to appeal and appeal dismissed?

"Leave to appeal" isformal legal languageasking for the right to appeal a judgment or ruling. "Appeal dismissed" means that the appeal was not granted.

How can you appeal after a car insurance company has denied your claim?

In Virginia (and in most, if not all, states) there is an insurance bureau ( to which you can file a complaint if you feel your claim was wrongly denied. Theoretically, they provide some regulation of the insurance industry and protect consumers to some extent.

Relevant cases of nasciturus fiction?

Pinchin v Santam insurance co. RAF v Mtati Supreme Court of Appeal South Africa

If you get a ticket and get points on your insurance can you fight them if the cop did not tell you you would be getting points?

You can appeal a ticket surcharge that is imposed by your insurance company with your state insurance department but you will lose if you try to blame the police officer. Police officers have no responsibility to inform you of what might happen to your insurance if you get a ticket. In fact they don't care what happens to your insurance rates, if you violated a traffic law you should expect to get a ticket.

What are the differences between an appeal as a matter of right and a discretionary appeal?

Appeal as a matter of right means the appellate court has to hear your appeal, or that you have the right to appeal. Discretionary appeal means the appellate court decides whether or not it will hear your appeal.

What word does appeal go with?

"Her smile had a natural appeal." "Let me appeal to your higher ideals." "Your appeal is denied."

What are differences between leave for appeal and appeal as of right?

Leave for appeal is when the trial court gives you permission to appeal. This is common when the issue is not directly appeallable, such as an interlocutory appeal. Appeal as of right means you do not need permission from the trial court to appeal, and you may simply file your appeal.

Why is it difficult to take a case to the supreme court because?

You can only take your case to the Supreme Court if:You have already lost in Federal Circuit court.You have reasonable grounds for an appeal.The Supreme Court agrees to hear your case.The last one is the hardest: the S.C. agrees to hear a tiny percentage of the cases that people want them to. There's only so much time every year, and lots of cases.

An appeal to precedent is a type of?

an appeal to precedent is a type of an appeal to precedent is a type of

What is intra court appeal?

Intra court of appeal is the intermediate court of appeal

What is a emotional appeal?

When you appeal to your emotions