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Can you appeal the supreme court of Canada?


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You can appeal to the Supreme Court of Canada from a lower court, but you cannot appeal a decision made by the Supreme Court


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The Supreme Court in Canada is the court of last resort in appeal from courst below.

The Supreme Court of Canada is the highest court in the country. It hears appeals fro the provincial Courts of Appeal

The highest court in Canada, it hears appeals from the provincial courts of appeal

According to section 3 of the Supreme Court Act (Canada) the proper name is "Supreme Court of Canada." Section 101 of the Constitution Act 1867 authorized the creation of "a General Court of Appeal for Canada."

To hear the appeals of the provincial courts of appeal

The Supreme Court might be the final court of appeal in the United States. But, it has happened in some situations where the Supreme Court has told a state that they can deal with an appeal if the Federal court is not the right jurisdiction.

A case on appeal reaches the supreme court if the judges below them cant handle it or that case specifically but it is very hard to get a case on appeal in the supreme court

Court Martial Appeal Court of Canada was created in 1959.

Canada: Provincial, Provincial Superior Court, Federal Court And Supreme Court Of Canada US: Unites States District Courts, United States Courts Of Appeal, Supreme Courts Of The United States Those are the levels of court for the US and Canada

Supreme Court of Appeal of South Africa was created in 1910.

Yes, the Supreme Court of Canada

No. The US Supreme Court is the final court of appeal; if they deny your case, the decision of the lower court stands. There is no other avenue of appeal.

The Supreme Court of Appeal, The Constitutional Court and the High Court. The Supreme Court of Appeal is the highest court in South Africa.

When the Supreme Court refuses to hear an appeal, the previous ruling by the prior court, stands.

Because the supreme court is the highest ranking court.

Federal Court of Appeal - Canada - was created in 2007.

The Supreme Court of Canada is located at: Supreme Court of Canada 301 Wellington Street Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0J1

In most cases, to bring an appeal to The Supreme Court, you must first apply to the court which handed down the judgment to ask for permission to appeal

Supreme Court of Canada was created in 1875-04.

The decision then remains what it was when appealed to the Supreme Court.

The Supreme Court of the United States is the final court of appeal for US federal cases.

All cases that are appealed from the Court of Appeal go to the Supreme Court. First you must seek leave (permission) of the court to make your appeal, however.

Yes. An appeal from a decision of a California Court of Appeal is made to the California Supreme Court.

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