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I dont think the divorce should have any affect, pay $1500 for a lawyer and get your paper work in

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If an American citizen gives birth in Jamaica is the child considered an American or Jamaican citizen and will the child be able to go to America without paperwork

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Q: Can you apply for US citizenship if you have been a permanent resident for five years but are divorced?
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If your fiance is a permanent resident and you're a US citizen how would the permanent resident get citizenship and how long do they have to wait to apply for citizenship?

3 years of being permenent resident then you can apply

Can a permanent resident apply for citizenship with two misdemeanors?

find an attorney and have the misdemeanors "expunged". to answer your question, yes you can apply.

Can a spanish male marry an American woman and gain us citizenship?

It is possible for U.S. citizens to apply for permanent resident status for their foreign spouses. After a certain amount of time, the permanent resident spouse is eligible to apply for U.S. citizenship.

You recevied green card through asylum how long do you have to wait before you apply for citizenship?

how long do you if permanent resident card to wait before you apply for citizenship

Do you have to have a green card to apply for citizenship?

Yes, you do. The first requirement for US citizenship is to be a lawful permanent resident of the United States (be a green card holder.)

You married a US citizen and wish to apply for citizenship Must you live in the US to apply for citizenship?

No, you will not be able to apply for citizenship while outside the U.S. Your husband will need to petition for a K-3 visa. Once in the U.S., you can apply for citizenship after being a permanent resident for at least 3 years.

Does a male who is a lawful permanent resident derive citizenship through his wife upon her naturalization?

No, you would want to have her apply for a visa.

How do you get citizenship in Canada if you are a American?

you must first become a permanent resident by going through one of many programs (ex: skilled worker, investor). once you are a permanent resident, after living in canada for 3 out of 4 years, you are eligible to apply for citizenship of canada.

If a permanent resident planning to apply for a citizenship but husband is illegal immigrant without a visa Can this person apply without informing immigration about illegal status of the spouse?


Can you get a Canadian citizenship if you marry a Canadian?

You must first apply for Canadian permanent residency. After you have been living in Canada for 3 years out of 4 as a permanent resident, you can apply for citizenship. You can find out more information about the Family Class Sponsorship Program. See: Related Links

How long do you have to be a permanent resident to apply for a us citizenship?

No less than 5 years. Read all about it at the United States government site.

How do you get malaysian citizenship?

Obtain permanent resident status in Malaysia,live there for the period they require you,learn their official language,apply for Malaysian citizenship, andrenounce your previous nationality (the one you have now)

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