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Of course you can apply. How will you pay the rent? They don't have to approve your application.

Check here for information on emancipation;%20description

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When would you know if you are pregnant with twins?

How do you know if you are pregnant with twins?

Did Beyonce have twins?

She never had twins she is not pregnant.

Is Celine Dion pregnant with twins?

Was pregnant with twins. She had Eddy and Nelson in October of 2010.

Is Lady Gaga pregnant with twins?

She is pregnant, but doesn't know if it's with twins yet though.

Is Jennifer Lopez pregnant with twins?

Jennifer Lopez was pregnant with twins. She gave birth to twins, a boy and a girl, on Friday, February 22, 2008.

Is tanya pregnant?

Yes she is pregnant with twins in real life.

Is Rachael leigh cook pregnant?

yes she is pregnant with twins

Is Eleanor Calder pregnant with twins?

Eleanor Calder is pregnant. I am not sure with twins. Congrats Eleanor and Louis <3

Is Jennifer Lopez pregnant?

no she was. She had twins

Is Raven Symone pregnant with twins?


Is Angelina Jolie pregnant with twins?


Could you be having showing at 5 weeks if I am pregnant with twins?

Typically women don't show at 5 weeks even if pregnant with twins.

Where do the kaulitz twins livee?

The Kaulitz twins moved to Hamburg, Germany, to be closer to their studio. They live in an apartment together. cute :P

Do twins have to run in both the parents side of the family in order for a couple to get pregnant with twins?

No. Twins happen randomly, but if there is a high number of twins in the family, you are likely to have twins.

What is the french word for pregnant with twins?

enceinte de jumeaux (or jumelles if the twins are girls)

Can you be pregnant with twins but lose one while pregnant?

Sadly, yes, it can happen.

Is Miley Cyrus pregnant and by who?

yes she is and who got her pregnant, Liam did they are having twins

Is Brittney spears pregnant with twins?


Can someone be double pregnant?

You mean...twins?

How do you get twins pregnant?

You would have to have intercourse with both of them.

Is princess Kate Middleton pregnant with twins?


Is Kate Middleton pregnant with twins?


After aborting twins what are the chances of becoming pregnant with twins again?

People who have had twins stand a better chance "statisticaly" of having twin again then those that did not have twins.

What is the best sexual position to get pregnant twins?

There is no special position. Twins happen or do not, you can't change that.

How do you get pregnant with twins on harvest moon ds cute?

sorry but you can't get twins in harvest moon :(