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No after the revisions past in October it has to be filed with a lawyer

DISSENTED: You don't need a lawyer to apply for Section 8.

In most cases you can apply online to have your name on the waiting list, not for the program itself, due to the fact that information and signatures are required to be provided with the applications and other forms that will need to be filled out once your name comes up on the waiting list.

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Q: Can you apply for section 8 online?
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How do I apply for a section 8 apartment?

You can apply for section 8 apartment online as well as in the local office. The website at which you can apply for it is


Section 8 can only be applied for on paper. You can get the paperwork at your local housing authority.

Can I apply for section 8 homes online in NYC?

No, you can't apply for section 8 homes online in NYC. You can however download the application from the online website. You will need to print it, fill it out and either mail it in or turn it in- in person.

Where do I apply for Section 8 in Orlando, Florida and can you apply online?

Apply at Jackson Housing for Section 8301 Steward Avenue, Jackson, MI- (517) 787-6140

How can I apply for the Section 8 program, which offers housing assistance to low-income individuals or families?

One can apply for the Section 8 program online. Many websites offer the ability to apply to the Section 8 program. Such websites include,, TulsaHousing, and WelfareApply.

How do you apply for Section 8 housing in Dupage County in Illinois?

Go to your local HUD office or apply online.

Can you apply for section 8 if you are 17 years old?

i was tring to apply for section 8

If your eighteen can you apply section 8?

if your 18 you can apply for section 8 , but only if your an dependent

When you can apply for section 8?

apply fro section in a different state

Where do you apply for section 8 housing online for free?

You can apply for Section 8 Housing for free at any housing authority that has that capability. It should be noted that anyone who charges for this type of service is violating federal laws.

How do you apply for section 8 lees summit Missouri Jackson county?

Can i apply for section 8 on the internet.

If you live in Indiana how do you put your house on Section 8?

You would apply to HUD to put your house on Section 8. Do this either online or call the local office to find out how to do this.

Can you have a misdeminor and have section 8?

can you apply for section 8 if you have a misdeminor charge

Where can I find a section 8 application online?

You can find Section 8 applications online by goingt o and seaching "Section 8 applications." You can also go directly to In most cases it is best to visit a local office and apply. There is a site that claims to allow online applications for a small fee.but there should be no fee to apply.

Can I download a section 8 application, for Pennsylvania, online?

Yes you can do so. You can even apply for it online at this website:

What do you have to do to have your home be a section 8 home?

you apply for section 8 at your local housing authority and if you qualify you can get section 8

How do you apply for section 8 housing assistance online?

Each Housing Authority has its own rules on how to apply for housing assistance. Some may have online capabilities while others don't.

Where do I exactly apply for section 8 in the fastest way possible?

I really don't know what section 8 is? is it a government run section. Is it the pentagon? I don't know. You can probably go online and search for that I am sorry I cant help you.

Where do you apply for sec 8 online for free?

You don't apply for section 8 online. You have to directly contact the section 8 facility where you wish to live and apply through them IF and only if they have an open space. Most have waiting lists so long that you will probably have to wait 5 years to get in. Go to and click on your state for more information.

how can i do section housing myself?

It is relatively to to become a section 8 landlord. You can apply to through your local HUD housing authority or apply through a section 8 participant.

Can I find the documents I need for section 8 applications on-line?

You can apply online for section 8 housing at It generally takes 4 business days after the approval to receive your grant.

Can students apply for section 8?

A student can apply for Section 8 as long as they are at least 18 years of age. They will also have to prove their income.

Where can you apply for a free section 8 application?

The only place you can apply for section 8 is a Housing Authority, and only if they have an open waiting list.

Are convicted felons in Florida eligible for section 8?

can a disabled felon apply for section 8

Who can apply for section 8 housing?

Anyone of adult age can apply.