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No...not really. You can line up for a FG on 3rd down. If you get a bad snap, you can fall on the ball and then line up again on 4th down. But once a "kick" is attempted, you have given possesion of the ball to the other team. ----

The only way that could happen is if the kick was missed and there was a penalty that the kicking team accepted that would allow them to keep possession of the ball but would not give them a first down. *If the ball was kicked for goal, then charged down and recovered by the kicking team without having passed the line of scrimmage, the players might be able to reset and kick again. This has an extremely low probability of happening as the recovering player is likely to be downed or score a touchdown, and will never even consider attempting another kick.

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What is field hockey?

Field hockey is a sport in which two opposing teams, of 11 players each, attempt to score goals. They do this by manoeuvring a small hard ball with sticks, and getting into the opponent's goal. More information can be found at the related links.

What is the gap between goal to goal in rugby field?

The rules state no more than 100 metres between goal lines

Is Hockey field and soccer field same?

yes in a way it is, but a field hockey field has a "dome shape" around the goal. and a soccer field's is more like a rectangle.

Can a field goal be kicked from more than 7 yards behind the line of scrimmage?


What is the Dimensions of rugby field?

The laws state the length shall be no more that 100 meters goal line to goal line and no more then 50 meters touch line to touch line

What happens if a team in soccer is caught playing with more than 11 players on the field?

The additional player would be cautioned for entering the field without the permission of the referee and told to leave the field. If this was discovered immediately after a goal was scored by that team, then the goal could be disallowed.

What diameter are the posts of a soccer goal?

Soccer goal posts must not be more than 5 in (12 cm) and must be the same as the width of the lines on the field.

How is field hockey played?

Field Hockey is played with wooden sticks and a hard ball. The sticks are used to dribble, pass or shoot the ball down the field to the opposing teams goal line. Goal is worth one point and the team who scores the most goals in the allotted time wins the game. Regulation hockey sticks can be used but it's more fun and a tad safer with good old sticks.

How big is a rugby field?

IRB regulations state the a opitch may be no more that 100 meters in length from goal line to goal line. There is an in goal area of no more that 22 meters from the goal line to dead ball line at each end of the pitch and a pitch may not be wider than 70 meters

How long is a rugby union field?

Goal line to goal line is no more than 100 meters with a width of touch line to touch line not exceeding 70 meters

What is the distance from goal line to goal line on a football field?

The distance is 10ft in both endlines. So there are 20 ft I don't get that answer.The distance from goal line to goal line is 100 yards minus the width of one white stripe. For clarification, starting at the south goal line it is ten yards from the north side of the goal line to the north side of the ten yard stripe. Continue this down the field and you are at the north side of the other ten yard stripe. Ten more yards would be the north side of the goal line. A touchdown occurs at the south side of the stripe. One stripe less than 100 yards.

What happens after you score a goal in field hockey?

After scoring a goal, the game is stopped and the ball us brought back to the center of the field. Once the referee has blown the whistle to continue playing the other team that did NOT score the goal can pass or dribble the ball. Play continues as it would before, but now the team that score the goal has one more point than the other team

What is the object of field hockey?

To score more goals than the other team by hitting the ball into the goal. Obviously with rules.

Where is the field goal located?

A foeld goal is located on both ends of a football field. each fieldgoal is worth three points. a srarch engine can help you find more information . also maybe talking to a football coach or player could be very informative .

What is the size of a Canadian football field?

The width of a Canadian football field is 65 yards. The distance between the goal lines is 110 yards. The end zones are 20 yards deep. The goal posts are located on the goal line. Including end zones, the entire area of a Canadian football field is more than half again the entire area of an American football field. The width of the Canadian field, plus the depth of the Canadian end zone, provide a "wide open" style of play in Canada.

When did the field goal replace the dropkick in college football?

Dropkicks are just not used nearly as often as field goals are. In fact, the are almost never used. Field goals are much easier to kick, are much more accurate and there are virtually no players (but there there ARE some) who can properly perform an accurate dropkick. The dropkick is still legal and counts the same number of points as a field goal does.

Why were NFL goal posts moved from the goal line to the end line before the start of the 1974 season?

NFL goal posts were moved back before the beginning of the 1974 season. The was done to try and reduce the number of field goals kicked during a game, especially at the end of games, to make things safer around the goal line for the players, and make passing around the middle of the field at the goal line more productive.

What is the scoring system for field hockey?

The scoring system in field hockey is the same as in ice hockey and association football. The score counts how many goals each team has scored, and the team with the most goals at full time wins. To score a goal, the ball has to cross the goal line into the goal after last being touched by an attacking player in the shooting circle (from 1 January 2013, "own goals" will be introduced, so a goal is scored regardless of which team touched the ball last in the circle). Goals don't count if the ball has not been touched by a player in the shooting circle. Goals also do not count if during a penalty corner, the first attempt at goal is a hit (i.e. with a back swing) and as a result the ball crosses the goal line at a height of more than 46cm (18in) above the ground (the same height as the backboards on the goal).

What are lengths between the home plate and left field and center field and right field?

It really depends on the stadium, most are 310-330 down the lines and 400ft or more to center.

Length of a rugby union field?

Under IRB regulations the pitch must not exceed 100 meters between goal line to goal line and not more than 70 meters from touch line to touch line

What was the goal of plantation?

The goal of plantation was to make more goods more quickly to make more money.

Chewing gum facts?

many goal keepers chew gum because it relaxes them down and makes them concentrate more

What does fourth down and 12 mean in football?

It means that the team is on it's last attempt at a touch down and they have 12 yards to the end zone. They have the option to go for the touch down or punt. In American football, the offensive team has 4 plays, called downs, to advance the ball 10 yards. If the offense cannot gain 10 yards on four plays possession of the ball turns over to the other team. If the offense can advance the ball 10 yards in four plays (this is called a 'first down' and you would hear the announcer say '1st down and 10') they get another four plays to advance the ball another 10 yards. The term '4th down and 12' means that the offense has one more attempt to make a first down and they need to advance the ball 12 yards to do so. In a situation like this there are three scenarios: 1) The offensive team will punt the ball to the other team because they are close to their own end zone and should they not gain 12 yards on 4th down the other team would get possession of the ball and have a very good chance to score points. 2) The offensive team will attempt a field goal if they are within the other team's territory on the field. 3) The offensive team will attempt to gain 12 yards on a 4th down if it is late in the game and they are behind in the score. It means that if offense can't make the 12 yards in the next down, the ball will be turned over to the other team. In general, it means "punt".

What is the main goal in soccer?

In soccer the main goal is to get the ball down the feild and score by getting the ball in the net past the goalie. You win by having more goals than the opposite team.

Basics of football?

The basics of football is to score more points than your opponent. The way to do this is by either running the football into the end zone which gives you six points, or by throwing the football to another teammate and if he/she catches it, than that is a touchdown which also gives you six points. After the touchdown, the team that scored has a chance to either attempt a field goal (kicking the football through the field goal) which is 1 point or go for 2 points by running a normal offensive play, you may not kick the ball in order to get the 2 point conversion. Both offense and defense must play 11 players on the field at once.