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Can you audition for Harry Potter movies if you are Dutch?


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Requirements for Harry Potter ActorsYou have to be British or Irish to try out. Anyone with a speaking part is going to have to speak with a British accent, other countries have their own wizard schools so the students at Hogwarts would be British, and they are not going to bring extras from Another Country when there are thousands of kids here at theater schools.

In an interview, Rowling explained how it wouldn't be very practical to put an American actor or other foreign actor when the character is British.

Even if she did allow it. It costs a lot of money to fly actors in and keep them living here. It would be cheaper for them to use British actors anyway.

There are no more auditions for the Harry Potter films as filming has been completed.

There have been some exceptions;

  • Stanislav Ianevski who played Viktor Krum was born Sofia, Bulgaria but his character came from Bulgaria so that made sense.
  • Clemence Poesy who played Fleur Delacour was born in French but once again her character was French.
  • Zoe Wanamaker who played Madam Hooch was born in America but had been acting in Britain for a long time and her character was an adult which meant it was likely she would travel for work or move country.
  • Christopher Columbus - the director of the first two films - put several of his family members into the films. All of them were American however they did not have speaking roles.
  • Rade Serbedzija will play Gregorovitch in Deathly Hallows is from Croatia but once again his character is a foreign wand maker who is never shown in Britain in the films.

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-You can only audition for roles in the Harry Potter movies, if you live in the United Kingdom, or Europe I believe.

Yes and no.Only British and Irish people could audition for the Harry Potter movies and as the United Kingdom and Ireland are in Europe they are European but so are Spanish people but they couldn't audition for the Harry Potter movies.Auditions and filming are completed.

You can't. Only people from the UK can audition for Harry Potter movies.

Your religion doesn't matter. You have to be British or Irish to audition.

Sorry, but all of the auditioning for the Harry Potter movies have been completed

Only UK residents can audition for the Harry Potter movies.

No more movies about Harry Potter are being made, so there are no auditions.

There aren't going to be any more Harry Potter movies and even if there were, they would cast in the UK.

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Yes. You need a british passport to audition

Daniel Radcliffe got his part in the Harry Potter movies, when the producers were sat in front of him and his parents when they went to see an opera, and when the opera ended, the producers asked Daniel if he would like to audition for the role. :)

Sirius Black appeared in the 3rd, 4th, and 5th Harry Potter movies (Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, and Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix).

Auditions are closed now for all Harry Potter films. There are also regulations about who can audition. For example, you must be British or Irish to audition.

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