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In most cases processed by U.S. law, the answer is "no". A simple search and replace of code, or any copyrighted content, does not result in a significant distinction or uniqueness to convince a court that the resulting work is original. In general, re-writing the code in a different form is a better approach. Specifically, re-factoring of software code to establish a unique construct of function, logic and data manipulation, as well as the usual variable and function naming aspects, is preferred. The exceptions to this would be well-known methods or functions which have been recoded so many times that there are industry-standard forms for performing the given operations (i.e. generic in nature).

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Q: Can you avoid copyright infringement by using search-replace on copied software code?
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What is software copied and given to a friend without the permission of the copyright owner?

That is a description of copyright infringement.

Is copyright law broken if you do not sell the information you copied?

Yes; the act of copying is an infringement.

What area in ICT faces the abuse of copyright law?

Because digital materials don't degrade when copied or distributed, the internet makes copyright infringement very cheap and easy. More specific to ICT is the notion of software piracy, because computer code can be protected by both copyright and patent.

Is downloading a song from a website without paying for it a copyright infringement?

Only if the copy you're copying was not authorized for general distribution by the copyright owners. In other words, the copyright owners can certainly authorize free distribution of their music if they want to. However, if you make a download (a reproduction) of an unauthorized copy, then your copy (like the one you copied) is a copyright infringement because you have no permission to make that copy.

What is Software that can be downloaded of copied if you pay a small fee to the copyright holder called?

Commercial software, shareware, any number of things.

Is copyright infringed only if work is copied entirely?

Nope. My personal favorite infringement case involved quoting 300 words from a 500-page book.

Why is it copyright infringement to use other peoples music in youtube videos?

That's what the term "copyright" means, that the work in question (musical or otherwise) belongs to someone and cannot be copied without the permission of the owner (who normally wants to be paid).

Is downloading someone's picture copyright infringement?

Without their permission, yes. One of the exclusive rights creators get from the law is the right to copy. By downloading it, you've copied it from a server to your local machine.

What do you get if you copyright?

if you copyright, yes you get what you have copied by also you get to go to prison

When can copyright laws be copied?

US copyright laws can be copied to your heart's content, because as works of the US Government, they are not protected by copyright law, in accordance with...themselves.

Can you make a fanfiction using only pictures?

You could, so long as they are your artwork or your photographs. If you try to use art you have copied from the internet, that is copyright infringement and you could be sued for putting those on your site.

What if there is no Copyright?

If a work has no copyright protection, it is in the public domain, and can be copied (by right) by anyone.

Does Plagiarism entail violation of intellectual property laws?

Not always. Plagiarism is making a false claim that you created something original. If you copied a public domain source, it is not a copyright infringement, but still plagiarism. For example, you download a NASA photograph (all works created by the US government are public domain in the USA), modify it and submit it to a photo contest as your original work. That is plagiarism, not copyright infringement.

Are there any cases of a allegation of a song being copied?

It was alleged that 2 Live Crew's :Hairy Woman" infringed on the copyright of Roy Orbison's "Pretty Woman." However, the court held it was a permissible parody and not an infringement.

What are the laws on the Selling of copied movies?

The copying is one infringement, and the selling (i.e. distribution) is another; each infringement carries fines of up to $30,000.

What is software donated for public use that can be freely coppied?

"Donated to the public" would usually refer to "public domain" software. Other forms of software can be freely copied, but the author(s) retain copyright, and thus would not be considered "donated."

Is copying pages out of a book for students a infringment?

Yes, but, copyright law includes a clause for fair use which allows the infringement. One of those cases is for educational purposes. So depending on the amount being copied, it may count as fair use.

How do you make a copyright if you copied something off the interent?

Haha ! You Can't Necessarily Copyright Something If You Copied it From The Computer , Because It's Not Yours , So Technically You Are Stealing Someone Else's Material .

If you download is that copyright?

If you download this answer, it is not copyrighted. If you send a letter to a newspaper, it is not copyrighted. You knew their rules and intended it for their publication. If you copied a page out of a copyrighted book and sent it to someone else, you sent copyrighted material. If you draw a picture and do not sign it, you give the person receiving it permission to copy it. If you sign it, it becomes copyrighted. The law is complicated.Downloading a work protected by copyright is copyright infringement unless you have a license.____________________________________________________________________Yes. The law is complicated. That is why copyright lawyers make good money!

Can you copyright an object?

No, but you can copyright a creative work of art that is captured in an object, such as a sculpture, or a copyrighted work copied on an object, such as a CD or DVD.

What type of software can be copied freely and have no license agreements?

Open-Source software

Is selling copied DVDs a Felony?

Yes, you're breaking a copyright law.

How could you prevent someone else from taking credit for an article that is sent to the newspapers?

Two words: copyright and plagiarism.If you can prove you are the author, you can register your copyright and sue for statutory damages or actual damages and bring criminal charges of copyright infringement where the copied work was published for profit.You can also contact the ombudsman with the proof and have the other reporter charged with plagiarism, which could mean loss of job, future contracts, or other administrative sanctions.

What is Saxon Math's copyright policy?

Saxon Math materials are protected by copyright, and cannot be copied, altered, distributed, or displayed without their permission.

What is software that can be copied and shared with others?

free source