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Are you talking about pills here? If you are, pills (used correctly) will prevent pregnancy 99 times out of a hundred. Condoms will prevent pregnancy about 93 times out of a hundred. BUT, condoms also help prevent infection.

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Q: Can you avoid pregnancy by using birth control and no condom?
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How I avoid a pregnency?

To avoid pregnancy, there are a few actions to take. Use a standard condom or a female condom, diaphragms, birth control or intrauterine devices. Abstinence and paying attention to your period of fertility is also another way to prevent pregnancy.

If you are on birth control and using it correctly and used a condom but the condom slipped off or broke what are the chances of pregnancy?

The same as if you were using birth control alone.

Does birth control help you get pregnant or not?

Birth control helps you avoid pregnancy, not achieve pregnancy.

What is the chance of pregnancy if your not on birth control but you used a condom?

If the condom is used properly, less that 1%

What are the chances of pregnancy if your on birth control and use condom?

Somwhere between 1.2% and 0.2%; that covers the possibility of the condom breaking and the control not working.

Can you get pregnant if your using just a condom and no birth control?

Condoms will protect you from pregnancy without birth control pills. However, the condom must be used properly. To ensure protection from pregnancy while only using condoms, you must be sure that the condom is the proper size, make sure that the condom outside of the condom does not come in contact with the male genitalia.

Can you get pregnant on birth control with out a condom?

No. If taken correctly and following directions birth control is 99% effective as a means of protection. In this sense a condom will protect you from a STD rather than pregnancy since the birth control pill prevents pregnancy. ADD: you also have to wait about a month when starting birth control or changing birth control. In the first month, it is not yet effective.

Is it okay to only use a condom and no birth control?

you can do it however you would like, if your not on birth controll i recommend using a condom to prevent pregnancy. if you are on birth controll then even if you want to be safe you may still you use a condom to protect from pregnancy and even some std's. hope i helped

After sex how do you know your pregnant?

Pregnancy Test, or if you didnt use a condom or birth control.

Can Humphreys 11 pills prevent you from getting pregnant?

The only thing that can prevent pregnancy is regular use of protection. For example using a condom every time you have sex or failing that starting birth control. Birth control used in conjunction with a condom will prevent pregnancy.

How long after taking birth control should you stop using a condom?

Never. A condom is still the best way to prevent pregnancy, and the only birth control system that works ninety percent of the time or better.

Can penicillin mixed with ibuprofen delay your period?

no, but penicillin mixed with birth control can inactivate the birth control pill and result in pregnancy. Use a condom.

What are all of the teen pregnancy solutions?

Dont have sex, or use condom, birth control ect

If I were on birth control should your boyfriend still need to wear a condom?

Birth control is only made to prevent pregnancy. Birth control does not prevent you from STI's/STD's. So if you are not in a monogamous relationship, meaning you or your sexual partner have intercourse with other people, then a condom should be worn to protect you and your partner. However, a condom is not necessary to prevent you from getting pregnant while on birth control, because if you birth control is taken everyday at the same time, you birth control is 99.99% effective. If you are sure that it is safe for your health to engage in sexual intercourse without a condom, then a condom is not necessary if you trust that your partner has no STD's.

Do you need to use a condom if you're on the birth control pill?

Using a condom further lowers the risk of pregnancy, and also protects against disease.

Do you need to use a condom if you are on birth control?

Certainly ... especially if concerned about STD's. Birth control pills do no protect one iota against those.Yes and no. Birth control is an effective contraceptive, and can prevent pregnancy. However, you can use birth control with condoms to make it next to impossible to get pregnant, provided the condom does not break. I would still recommend condoms because birth control does not protect you against STIsNo a condom is not needed if you are on birth control if you are only trying to prevent pregnancy. Birth control is more 99.99% effective when taken correctly. Birth control pills need to be taken everyday at the same time to make sure that the pill is 99.99% effective.

Do you have to use birth control if the male is wearing a condom?

You do not have to, but combining them can yield as much as a 99.9999% effectiveness in preventing pregnancy. More to the point, in most cases he will not need to wear a condom if you are on birth control. The main reason for him to wear a condom would be if you're unsure that he may have a disease.

Stress prevents pregnancy?

Unless the condom is made of stress, no. You must use a contraceptive such as a condom, or a birth control pill, patch, shot etc. The withdrawal method is by far not the most recommended use of birth control either.

My period is late on birth control I'm in the second month's placebos and I was wondering if it was normal or if there was something else used pull-out and condom during sex Please help?

Using a condom is very good. This will give you 100% protection against pregnancy when used in conjunction with birth control. However if you had intercourse without using a condom during the first month of starting birth control then there is a risk of pregnancy. Because your period hasn't arrived yet I would recommend you perform a pregnancy test.

If we used a condom and I'm on birth control and the pregnancy test says negative can i still be pregnant?

rarely not but you can.

If you didn't use a condom and you take birth control could you be pregnant if you took it that day?

well if you are on birth control you are at low risk of getting pregnant and the question is if you didnt use a condom but are on the pill an you get pregnant well the answer is yes because the pill is only 99.9% acurate but it is recommended to use a condom to try and prevent disese and the risk of getting pregat esspessialy for young teens because studys show that 3 out of 10 women on birth control end up pregnant so we recomend that you use a condom or avoid the male from ejaculating inside of you to prevent a pregnancy

Does a guy have to wear a condom if the girl is on birth control?

Not necessary to prevent pregnancy but to prevent Sexually transmitted diseases.

Is the condom the best way for prevent pregnancy?

A condom is one way to prevent pregnancy. Another is the birth control pill. Foams and diaphrams are also available. Of all the available methods abstinence is the only 100% effective measure against pregnancy.

Sex after 4 week of vaginal delivery what precaution should you take to avoid pregnancy?

If possible, use birth control pills and a condom as there is a high risk of pregnancy after birth. Well done for thinking about it You are advised, however, not to have sex until at least 6 weeks after birth, as there is a risk of damaging your healing vagina and uterus and a risk of infection

Is the condom more effective than the birth control pill?

Pills are more effective at preventing pregnancy than the condom is, but the condom can offer prevention of disease, and the pill can't. That's why using both together is the best option -- it maximized both pregnancy prevention and disease prevention.They are most effective together. No temporary birth control is 100% effective, but to answer the original question, the pill is more effective than a condom.