Can you bathe with a perforated ear drum?

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As someone that has had BOTH of my eardrums reconstructed with skin grafts, I can tell you that yes you can bathe but you really want to take all precautions to NOT get water in your ear. It hurts. A lot. Put cotton balls in your ears and wear a shower cap.
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Can dirty ear drums can cause tinnitus?

Answer . Hi, In my opinion, probably not. Tinnitus is usually related to some type of nerve activity either caused by damage to the inner ear or within the brain itself. I've dealt with Tinnitus for several years now and it's a real annoyance. Better off seeing a specialist to get the cause ( Full Answer )

Why do you hear a drumming noise in your ear?

Sometimes i hear my heartbeat through my ear drums. I dont know if this is normal or not, but it could be the cause of the pulse/drum sound your hearing.

What does the ear drum do?

The eardrum sends sounds entering the ear canal through the air as sound pressure variations to the cochlea of the inner ear.

How do damage to ear drums prevent hearing?

By blood! rjaja's answer: damage to ears prevent hearing by making your ear deaf because of loud noises or cold wind.things almost obove the sound of a lawnmower could damage your hearing such as loud band instruments,rock music to the max volume,etcetera, etcetera,blah blah know what i mea ( Full Answer )

Why the name ear drum?

when you hit the front skin, the pressure will make the resonant skin move ( just like the ear drum!)

Drumming sound in the ear?

Hearing a drumming or thumping sound in your ear is calledpulsatile tinnitus. It can be caused by increased blood flow,turbulent blood flow, or intracranial hypertension.

How many bones are in your ear drums?

There are no bone in the eardrum (tympanic membrane). The three auditory ossicles (little bones) are located in themiddle ear. They are the only bones in the ear.

What causes an ear drum to burst?

Many many things. Very loud music, cold/infections/viruses etc. Personally mine burst due to a ear infection/virus, because of fluid behind my ear building up. Its completely painless and nothing to worry about but there is a small amount of discharge fluid.

What is a perforated ear drum?

inside your ear canal there is a flap of extremely thin skin, if a sound gets too loud (and in some cases when it is too high pitched) it vibrates so much that it can start to get small holes in it. As there is liquid in your cochlea, that can, sometimes in extreme conditions, leak out through the e ( Full Answer )

What is another name for ear drum?

The thin, semitransparent, oval-shaped membrane that separates the middle ear from the external ear. Also called tympanic membrane , tympanum.

Can you get scabs on your ear drums?

Yes, I have a scab on my ear drum from an infection I had back in November, it is now April. My ear doctor will have to peel it off

What happens when you burst your ear drum?

You CAN become permanently deaf in that ear, for one, but depending on the extend of the injury your eardrum can heal itself within a matter of weeks. Mild to severe hearing loss during that period can occur. You may feel nauseated and dizzy, as there's parts in your inner ear which regulate balance ( Full Answer )

What is perforation?

you know those little easy rip edges on cereal bags with the little holes that make it easy to rip it off?? well that is perforated... so perforation is like the process of poking the little holes to make it easy rip ... like a coupon or a cereal bag or ... my water bill.

How are ear drums damaged?

eardrums can be damaged by improperly diving from large hights, other stupid things like putting a cottonbud or a ear spoon to far down your ears can also harm them. listening to very loud music can weeken your eardrums but it takes a huge noise to rupture your eardrums.

What does the ear drum do in your ear?

The ear drum (aka: Tympanic Membrane) has several functions. It helps protect our middle ear space from debris and foreign objects, it connects to the middle ear bones (ossicles) in order to transmit vibrations that enter the ear canal to the middle ear bones. The ossicles are connected to the ( Full Answer )

How do you know if you have pop your ear drum?

If you pop your ear drum there would be a great deal of pain. Also there tends to be a liquid that would run out of the ear. Also you would not be able to hear from that ear unitl the ear drum healed.

Does the ear drum have an electric current?

Actually your eardrum does not have electric current and in which it only uses sound so if you get an electric shock it does not harm your ear drums.

How long before you can fly after surgery on perforated ear drum?

After surgery on a perforated ear drum, you shouldn't fly until thedoctor tells you that it is safe. Flying causes changes in airpressure, which can cause discomfort or pain in your ear, as wellas temporary hearing loss. This happens particularly when the planedescends.

How does a drum effect the human ear?

Your ear drum senses vibrations, those vibrations are sounds you hear. If we did not have our ear drums sound would simple float through it. If you bust your ear drum you will lose your hearing. Does that answer you question?

Will your ear drums burst when you hit your ear?

Depends on how you hit your ear. Most of the time, nothing will happen. But if you hit your ear just "right", you might force air into the ear canal hard enough to pop the ear drum. Not something to experiment with.

Where is the frogs ear drum located?

Frogs can hear using big round ears on the sides of their head called a tympanum . Tympanum means drum. The size and distance between the ears depends on the wavelength and frequency of a male frogs call. On some frogs, the ear is very hard to see! frogs have special ears that are connected to th ( Full Answer )

What makes the ear drum vibrate?

Sound waves make your eardrum vibrate, that is why we heard sound because the sound wave vibrates and allows us to hear sounds. :)

Herbal or homeopathy treatment for perforated Ear drum?

Calendula, arnica, hepar sulphur and silicea are some homeopathic remedies that are used in the case of a perforated ear drum. Hypericum is also recommended for pain,and arnica esp in the case of a rupture due to an injury. If there is draining, pulsatillia is often indicated. (Pulsatilla should not ( Full Answer )

If someone screams in your ear can it hurt the ear drum?

The OSHA ceiling limit for noise is 130 dB. A scream can exceed that limit and cause permanent hearing loss by damaging the cilia in the cochlea. It may cause that loss without damaging the ear drum.

How loud does something have to be to burst your ear drum?

It's the high sound pressure deviation we measure as sound pressure level (SPL) at our eardrums. The threshold of pain is known in acoustics as the lowest strength of a stimulus that is perceived by the ear as painful. Because of the different sensitivity of the hearing of people it cannot be given ( Full Answer )

Where can you get your ears pierced in Bath?

I do not have any piercings, though am considering getting my earlobes pierced. Many of my friends have pierced ears and got their ears pierced at either Jollys , Clairs , Accessorise or at a doctors surgery . I suggest if any of your friends have pierced ears that you ask them where they got ( Full Answer )

What is the function of the ear drum in the ear?

The sound vibrations vibrate the eardrum.Then the vibrating eardrum makes the three tiny bones vibrate and then something else vibrates and then the nerve sends message to brain.

Do all animals have ear drums?

no, some animals have ear drums in different parts of their body like legs or sides of their body.

How your ear drum helps you hear?

the ear helps to hear by reciving the sound waves which makes the eardrum vibrate at the same time sendind signals to the brain for interpretation.

What if your ear drum burst when flying?

Well, it'd hurt a bit. Your hearing on that side would be degraded for a while. But then it would most probably heal up and you'd be pretty much back to normal.

How do ear drum breaks?

burst of major sound to the ear, shaking and rupturing the ear drum causing extreme pain and possible loss of hearing.

How can your ear drum be broken?

extremely loud noise can break your ear drums. sticking things in your ears. hard hits to the head. anything loud or physical trauma to your head can cause the ear drums to be broken.

Is the ear drum skin or bone?

it's an organ which is a group of body tissue all together which has a function. For example the heart is an organ and that pumps blood around the body.

What is the pressure of a sound on an ear drum?

The sound pressure wave is travelling down the ear canal, hits the area of the eardrum, which vibrates ... just like a drum! Sound pressure p = force F divided by area A.

How can the ear drum get damaged?

Sometimes, if you force air into them hard enough, they can popleaving you deaf or with serious head injuries