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Can you be a Christian and be gay?


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There are many gay Christians who would answer, "yes." Some Protestant denominations allow gay pastors, priests, and perform gay marriages. Other Protestant denominations have a stated position that one can be a member of their church if they are gay but remain celibate. Other denominations do not believe people can be Christian and gay. While the Catholic hierarchy does not have an inclusive position on "homosexuality," there are numerous gay Catholics. For people who are gay and want to reconcile that with their faith, "Is the Homosexual My Neighbor?" looks at Christian scripture and offers up examples of prominent gay Christians. Many groups have formed - some officially, others unofficially part of the denominations - to push for more gay inclusion in their church. Mel White's group SoulForce also offers a number of resources. That said, many gay Christians have experienced deep hurts from their experiences with other Christians and their churches. One respondent previously responded to this question, "I'm Roman Catholic and I stopped going to church because personally, if God wanted us to accept each other for who we really are, then why did he make people homosexual so they can be shunned by society."