Can you be a cosigner on an auto loan if you are filing bankruptcy?

Anyone who a lender accepts as a co-signer (or a primary borrower) can be. There aren't laws about this...lenders have the right to decide who they lend to, as borrowers have the right to decide who they borow from (or not) on what terms. A co-signer is needed because the primary doesn't have good enough credit to qualify on their own and the Cosigner normally has very good, or at least much better, credit. If your close to BK probably won't qualify as a co-signer to the lender anyway. Also, as a co-signer you have basically all the same obligations of the primary for payments and such, without the benefit of possession and rights to the property. If your close to BK, you apparently have enough trouble handling your own obligations to even consider becoming responsible for someone elses...esepcially someone else that apparently has a poor credit history or is taking on more of a debt than a lender thinks they could handle.