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yes if you have a gift card

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That's not possible. You have to be a member to play Club Penguin.

You can't. Club penguin make their money off people being members. Of course- you can be a penguin on club penguin without being a proper member. Unfortunately though, non-members can't do much at all on club penguin. Hope it helped! :)

Well, if you want to be a member without paying you can do that in the old club penguin, but now that Disney bought club penguin, well, now you have to pay. Sorry!

you can't. you have to be a member. sorry.

well go to and make a free account!

You can buy a Club Penguin toy and use the code to unlock items online, you can get member items!

You don't really have a choice. But if you buy Club Penguin merchandise or a Club Penguin voucher you don't have to do it on the website.

you have to buy a club penguin magazine or club penguin stickers if you are not already a member you have to buy a membership card or do it online!

You shouldn't do it. Your penguin can get deleted

you cant get any furniture without being a member

only if your a member AND in the club penguin play awards, you DONT PAY its a FREE item ^^ kk??

club penguin elite force is a game for theNintendo DS and also you cant, become a member, but you can be a member on club penguin.

Well,you can't really be a member without playing. But you can buy toys sponsered by club penguin that have a fake coin on it on them and you can buy about 4 things in the catalog

Yes, but you would have to hack into it which is not good.... or you can use club penguin cc which is good

you cant you have to be a member to buy things

its not in club penguin you gotta buy a member ship card to be a member on club penguin or just be a normal penguin you don't need to a member to go on club penguin so go have fun!

aunt arctic is a member on club penguin

You don't. You can get a membership and get a member puffle, though.

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