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Yes, you can choose to limit your practice to only horses and particularly among competition and breeding horse owners, the preference is to use an equine exclusive veterinarian. However, regardless of your preferred species, you will have to learn about all the major domestic animals in vet school and will be tested on this information before you can practice veterinary medicine.

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What is a large animal veterinarian?

A large animal veterinarian is a trained veterinarian who primarily treats livestock. In the United States, the common species are cattle (beef and dairy), sheep, goats, pigs, llamas and alpacas. Although a large animal veterinarian may also treat horses, there is a separate practice type (equine veterinarian) that treats only horses.

What are the education requirements for a large animal veterinarian?

what are the benefits of being a large animal veterinarian

How much do large animal veterinarians earn yearly?

In the United States the average annual salary for a veterinarian was ~US$90,000. An experienced large animal veterinarian can exceed this, to about $125,000 per year.About $48,178! But this is only for large animals, like sheep, cows, and horses.

What is the average salary of a large animal veterinarian?

With experience, a large animal veterinarian can expect to make $70,000 - $80,000.

What is a cattle veterinarian called?

A bovine veterinarian, or even a large-animal veterinarian.

What is the annual salary of a large animal veterinarian?

In the United States in 2011 the average annual salary for a large animal veterinarian was ~$90,000.

What is a mixed animal doctor?

A mixed animal doctor is a veterinarian who treats large animals (cows, sheep, goats, pigs, llamas, alpacas), small animals (dogs, cats, etc.) and horses.

What is a cow and horse vet called?

Large animal Veterinarian.

What does a large animal veterinarian do?

Primarily, large animal vets work on cows, sheep, goats and pigs. Some may also work on horses, although equine medicine has developed into a specialty all its own. These vets examine, diagnose and treat large animals on farms.

How much money does a large animal veterinarian earn?

Large animal veterinarians make between $30,000 to $50,000 a year.

What is the best college or university for veterinary education?

My PERSONAL opinion is for small animal veterinarian, Ohio State. For large animal veterinarian, Cornell Univ.

Where can you get cow magnets from?

Your local feedstore or your local large animal veterinarian.

What animals can a veterinarian help?

A veterinarian can help almost all animals as long as its in their field. Like say that its a pet then the vet would have to be a small animal veterinarian, or say a horse they would have to be a large animal vet.

Where can I find a large animal veterinarian in Denver, CO?

Go to the Colorado Veterinary Medical Association's website: At the very top of the page, click on "Find A Veterinarian." On the search page, click on "Click here for a more detailed search" to specify your need for a large animal veterinarian.

How much do you have to lift as a veterinarian?

Depends. A cow veterinarian? or a cat veterinarian? Looking more at large animals (stock), however small animal information is helpful for vocational rehab.

What kind of animal does a veterinarian treat?

pig,dog,bird,cats,and large animals

What animal that have large front teeth?

horses bunnys and wolf

Do you have to travel when you become a veterinarian?

This will depend on the type of practice the veterinarian is in. A small animal veterinarian can work from a single clinic every day and never have to travel for work. In contrast, most large animal veterinarians are on the road all day every day.

Can you be a large and small animal veterinarian?

Yes, these practitioners are called "mixed animal vets" and are often in demand in suburban to rural areas.

What is a general name for large animal?


What animal was sometimes used on large pullding set ups?


How do you become a vet for horses?

You would have to know a lot about horses, then study to become a large animal vet at a college.

Do vets treating horses get paid differently?

Equine Veterinarians, and Large Animal Veterinarians are specialists that treat horses. They do usually command a higher fee than small animal veterinarians or those without additional special training. Each veterinarian chooses how much to charge for their services. Additionally, most veterinarians treating horses come to your farm to see them. You will pay a trip charge to cover the vet's expenses for the visit.

Which animal helped native people hunt and trade over a large area?


What can you do for a cow that has runny nose and a cough?

Give it a shot (or more) of Nuflor or Resflor, or something similar you can get from your large-animal veterinarian.

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