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you could be allergic to puppy or an adult dog

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Q: Can you be allergic to a puppy but not an adult dog?
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Is a dog different to a puppy?

Dog is an adult and puppy is a child

What is difference of adult dog and puppy?

A puppy is a young dog, usually a dog is considered a puppy until around 1 year. A adult dog is a fully grown dog.

What is an adult form of a puppy?


When toswitch to adult dog food from puppy food?

Whenever your puppy becomes an adult..

Can a puppy with distemper give it to an adult dog?

Yes, if the adult dog was not vaccinated against distemper he can be infected by a sick puppy. If the adult dog has current vaccinations he is not at risk.

Do I need to stop my dog from playing with puppy?

No as long as the adult dog is not hurting the puppy let them play

Is it dangerous for puppy when puppy go with adult dog?

yes it is becaues it has no milk to drink

At what age does a puppy become a dog?

A dog is an adult at 2 years old!

What is the nutritional difference between puppy food and adult dog food?

Puppy food has different nutrients than Adult food and is geared for the growth and maintenance of the puppy until it matures to Adulthood. puppy food has a higher fat content than adult food, as puppies are actively growing. Puppy food also has more protein than adult dog food. Answer: Puppy food has proteins and different kind of nutrients that puppies need to grow up into a healthy adult dog. The puppy dog food is specially designed for puppies. Adult dog food has nutrients that a full grown dog needs to keep on living a healthy life. Answer Puppy food is higher in calories.

Can some dog food cause a puppy's hair to fall out?

Maybe a suggestion. Maybe the dog is allergic to the dog food?

When should you start house training your dog?

Probably when your dog is a puppy or when your dog is a adult i suppose.

What type of food can be given to an adult dog?

Processed dog foods are classified into puppy and adult food. You should give the adult dog food then. Also, homemade dog food can be given to adult dogs.

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