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I know of NO recovery agent who has areect powers. It would be totally contradictory to the idea of "SELF-HELP" repos. I know a lot of gung-ho wanna be repomen who will LIE about being able to do so.

2015-07-15 18:34:15
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What can happen if you hide a vehicle from the repossession agent in NewYork?

after a legal process the lender can both sue and have you arrested.

What can happen if you hide a vehicle from the repossession agent in new york?

You will get arrested because the government can track you down. BEWARE!

Your jeep is in repossision but your ex wife has the jeep and the can not find it can you be arrested it is in your name?

I'm assuming you are saying the Lien Holder cannot locate the vehicle? In many states the vehicle is not repossessed until the Lien Holder or their agent is in possession of the vehicle. Therefore normally you could not be arrested because they cannot locate the vehicle.

Can you be arrested for an unpaid car loan if i did not return the vehicle?

It's possible, but a bit unlikely. However, if the repo agent comes to you, and you claim not to know where the vehicle is, then they can assume an unauthorized person is in possession of the vehicle, and might report it stolen.

In Arizona if your vehicle is repossessed and your get the vehicle back is it illegal for the repossession agent to charge a fee before they will return your licence plate?

In the State of Arizona, the license plate belongs to the debtor. They cannot charge you for your plate but they can charge you for inventory and storage of your personal property (which, incidently, includes your plate).

Is it legal to repossess a car at 7 A.M. in Arizona?

Yes, as long as the repossession agent did not commit a breach of peace as defined under the laws of the state or municipality in which the vehicle was recovered.

Can you have a repo man arrested for coming on your property after being asked to leave?

no you cannot have a repoman arrested on your property, as long as all his paperwork is in order for taking the vehicle.however "," the repoman cannot cut any locks(fence lock), etc. But if its not locked they can open it and take the vehicle they have paper work on.***unless the repossession agent has an order from a judge, you can ask them to leave your property. If they refuse, you can call your local police station, and have them escorted off of your property. If they then refuse with police, they can and will be arrested.* * *

Does your car insurance go up if you get arrested?

It depends on what you were arrested for. If it did not have anything to do with driving or your vehicle then it would probably not go up. If you are arrected for dui then your insurance will go up. The key is if it is an item that will go on your motor vehicle report. For full disclosure, I own and operate a small Independent Insurance Agency in Georgia and have for the past 22 years. Before that I worked an agent for a direct writer for 3 years.

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Where can one find homes in Phoenix Arizona for sale?

You can find houses in Pheonix, Arizona by finding a great local real estate agent and giving him or her your requirements. Failing that, you can try the local paper for agent-free sales.

How long will a repossession agent search for a vehicle?

Till they find it.

What can happen if you hide a vehicle from the repossession agent in Mississippi?


What if you concealed a vehicle that is in reposession?

It depends on the local state laws. Most of the time, nothing unless the repo agent finds it or the court issues an order for the person release the vehicle to the agent.

How do you prevent a repossession agent from coming on your property to search for a vehicle belonging to a person who no longer resides at the address?

Call the police and have the person arrested for committing trespass and peace disturbance. This action is only possible if the individual the agent is seeking no longer has mail delivered to the address, possessions stored at the address, name on a rental agreement and so on.

Is it a crime to hide your car that is in repo in IL?

Yes, it is called hindering a creditor, or hindering repossession. It is not likely that you will be arrested for such, but it is far more likely that the creditor will obtain an order of replevin. If such occurs, the repossession agent is likely to return with this order accompanied by a law enforcement officer who will order you to surrender the vehicle. If you refuse you will be arrested, and you will have to surrender the car to secure your release.

Can a vehicle repossession agent legally call your job and pretend to be a cop?


Biological or physical vehicle that carries an agent to a host is called?


Can repo agent bring sheriff to my property if vehicle is not relinquished?

yes they can

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In the event that you were driving a vehicle that ninsured will your primary policy coer the damaged vehicle?

Call your agent. Insurance is covered by state law in the United States. Mexican insurance works different. Your agent will know.

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Can a repo man enter your car with you in it?

Your question has a lot of holes in it. First and foremost, they must maintain the peace.If the agent is in the process of taking the vehicle, and you enter it to interfere, the legally operating agent will typically contact law enforcement, produce the order of repossession to the responding officer, and watch as the officer orders you out or takes you into custody. If the agent has a replevin, he will simply watch as you are arrested and continue taking possession of the vehicle.If you are in the vehicle when the agent arrives, he will either approach and demand the vehicle (not common), or stand back and watch. He may stand by and watch, calling a chase car to tail the vehicle to watch for an easier recovery opportunity.Most recovery agent will follow the laws, knowing that time is on their side. If pressed the are incline to wait for the most inopportune time for you. You'll be unaware they are even there until you walk out of the Piggly Wiggly with three grumpy kids, and the last you see of the car is it leaving the parking lot on the back of the rollback, as your ice cream melts through your grocery sack.

Can you cancel A vehicle in policy?

Sure you can. If you sell a vehicle or it is no longer operable for whatever reason you can delete the vehicle from the policy. You just contact your agent or company and they will assist you in taking the vehicle off the policy.