Can you be arrested for not paying a payday loan back in the state of Florida?

50-50. Depends on some variables which differ on state laws. If you signed a contract to pay back the loan and you reneged, it's a civil matter where the loan company can sue you for whatever. If you didn't sign a contract and it was a verbal agreement, the loaner can charge you for theft with intent.

There is absolutely no situation that would allow for a payday lender to have you arrested, period! They will often threaten you with that, trying to coerce you into paying them now. That is illegal and in violation of the laws set forth by the Fair Trade Commission. Not paying a payday loan is always a civil matter. Some state's have made payday lending illegal due to high interest rates. If you reside in one of these state's, you wouldn't even have to worry about losing a lawsuit. Check your state laws. If your state allows payday lending, then you could be civilly sued the same as if you defaulted on any other loan, that's it. If you're being threatened by a lender or collector, contact the FTC and law enforcement to file a complaint. You may also wish to consult an attorney, as FDCPA violators can be sued for up to $1000.00 per offense.