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If you're in Washington state, if you're declined by the insurance company, you can enroll in the State's insurance pool plan. Depending on what state you live in.

In the state of Georgia, yes. If you live in Georgia and apply for individual health insurance, you can be denied if you or a member of your family has herpes and treats it with an expensive prescription. Even if the person was previously covered by the company under a group health plan.

Same situation in Minnesota also.

Given that the vast majority of the adult population has herpes, either orally or genitally, it would appear that the key is diagnosis. Some 80+% of adults have oral herpes and 25% has genital herpes. This is a complex issue, really, since most infected people don't know they have it, but are contagious at times.

Under the provisions of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (aka "ObamaCare"), this would be considered a pre-existing condition, and could not be used as a basis to deny you coverage. This particular provision went into effect in 2014, and is applicable to ALL health insurance plans offered.

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Can you be denied group health insurance if you have genital herpes?

With the passage of the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare), pre-existing conditions are no longer a barrier to health insurance coverage.

Is herpes medicine covered by health insurance?

"Depending on your health insurance, you may or may not be covered for herpes medication. If your policy includes prescription drugs, then you should be covered."

Can you get health insurance in new jersey with genital herpes?

You should be able to, herpes isn't a life threatening illness.

How do you tell if there is herpes in a pair of underwear?

Herpes can't be diagnosed in underwear.

Can you be mis diagnosed with herpes?

It is not likely to be mis-diagnosed with herpes, but it is possible. Cultures are the most reliable test; blood tests are less reliable.

Are herpes dangerous to your health?

Yes, herpes is not good for your health.

What is the morbidty of herpes?

Herpes doesn't die, nore does the person diagnosed with it. The common types of herpes are not life threatening.

Is genital herpes considered a pre-existing condition when applying for medical insurance.?

From my personal expierience, yes it is. I found out I had genital herpes in April and I had health insurance, but lost my job a week later and the insurance was dropped. Now that its August, I tried to get health insurance with FL BCBS and after I paid them (conveniently), they sent me a letter saying they can't cover me due to a pre existing condition. The only "condition" I have is genital herpes. So I would tell you yes they do.

For what diseases are us green card is denied?


What serious health problem can herpes cause?

Health problems are not connected to herpes. Some health problems can trigger break outs but they are not the actual cause of herpes.

Is herpes a preexisitng condition?

With the passage of the Affordable Care Act, "pre-existing conditions" are no longer a barrier in health insurance.

How is herpes diagnosed?

Herpes is diagnosed via examination, culture, and less frequently by blood tests.if you haven't had an outbreak simply ask your doctor to run a test for HSV2 to see if you have herpesAn HSV culture from an affected genital site--preferably on the first day of the outbreak--can test for herpes simplex.

How many people are diagnosed with herpes yearly?

More than 1/2 million in the US are diagnosed annually.

Can herpes hurt you?

Generally speaking, there are no serious health consequences from the herpes virus.

How many people have contracted the viruses that causes genital herpes?

About 1 in 4 people have herpes in North America. About 1 million people are diagnosed with it each year and about every 30 seconds some one is diagnosed with it.

How is herpes diagnosis?

Herpes can be diagnosed with a culture from the sores or lesions or if the incubation period has passed (about 12 weeks from exposure) you can get a herpeselect blood test.

If your girlfriend is not diagnosed with herpes can you still have it?

You can have herpes if you contracted it from someone else who had it. If she doesn't have it, you can't get it from her. But just because she isn't diagnosed with it, it doesn't mean that you don't have it, as you can have gotten it from someone or somewhere else. Moreover, if you have it, you CAN give it to her. Make sure you don't do that.

Is genital herpes more common in men or women?

Any one that has sex can get herpes, but it is more common in women. About 1 in 4 women have herpes and about 1 in 5 men have herpes. About 500,000 to a million cases are diagnosed each year.

What are the health problems in the community?

Aids and herpes

Can you work in the medical field if you have genital herpes?

Yes, there are millions of health care providers with herpes.

Can Viral meningitis be caused by the herpes virus?

Absolutely...A family member was just diagnosed with genital herpes and two days later she was hospitalized with viral meningitis.

Genital herpes in men?

Genital herpes in men usually present no long term health effects.

How is herpes diagonosed?

There are 2 ways that herpes can be diagnosed. If you don't have any signs or symptoms of a break out then a blood test can be done 6-8 weeks after being exposed to herpes. If you have a break out in progress then a doctor can take a swab culture of a sore or blister and have it tested for herpes.

What type of herpes simplex virus is most commonly diagnosed in oral pathology?

Herpes simplex virus type 1 is more commonly diagnosed in oral herpes, but both type 1 and type 2 can infect the mouth, genitals, or other body parts. Type 1 is less likely to recur than type 2.

How is genital herpes diagnosed?

the doctors makes you pull down your pants so they can take a "little" look:)