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The minimum age for emancipation of a minor in the State of Virginia is 16-years. VFC, Title 161, Chapter 11, Article 15, Sections: 331-334.1

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Q: Can you be emancipated in the state of Virginia if you are fifteen and have a place to live and a job and a car?
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If your parents consent for you can you be emancipated at fifteen?

check state laws

What is the possibility of a minor actually getting emancipated in the state of Virginia?

Depends on the minor. You have to fill the criteria to be emancipated by the court or it wont happen. You can also get married.

How can a fifteen year old in the state of Michigan get emancipated if she has permission from her mom?

She cannot. The minor must be at least 16 to petition for emancipation in the state of Michigan.

You are on probation can you get emancipated in West Virginia?

If a person in the state of West Virginia is a ward of the court they cannot be granted emancipation. Probation does not affect emancipation in West Virginia.

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How do you get emancipated in the state of MO?

How do you get emancipated in the state of Missouri?

If your state doesn't allow you to be emancipated can you be emancipated in another state?


What age is a teenager emancipated in VA?

The natural age when a teen is emancipated is 18. In the state of Virginia, if you are 16 and older, you are eligible to be emancipated. Only if you have a stable place to stay, stay in high school and receive your high school diploma, and also have a stable income. But it's a whole process in which you have to go through the civil court system.

What leagal rights does a 17 year old mother have in the state of Virginia?

She is emancipated regarding her health and her child. That's it.

In the state of Virginia can a 16-year-old marry a 23-year-old with guardian consent or if they are emancipated?

Virginia: If either of you are under 18 years of age, you must have written, notarized consent from a parent or your legal guardian. Regarding marriage of an emancipated minor--according to a pamphlet published by the Virginia State Bar: "A minor who has been judicially emancipated does not need consent of a parent or guardian to marry." (NOTE: For others reading this, that is not the case in every state. In some states, even if a minor is emancipated, they still must have parental consent in order to get married.) Are you already emancipated? If not, and your only purpose for becoming emancipated is to be allowed to marry...well, you would still have to meet all the requirements for emancipation.

Will the state pay for you a place to live if you get emancipated?

Generally, that's not the way life works.

Can a fifteen year old be emancipated?

{| |- | Not all states have emancipation laws, so the first thing is to be living in a state that does have them. Most states only allow emancipation for minors that are 16 or over. There are a few that will allow younger ones to be emancipated. |}

Can a ward of the state in Indiana get emancipated?

can a miner who was adopted from the state of indiana become emancipated

Is there a place in Virginia Called Richmond?

Richmond, Viginia is the capital of the state of Virginia.

What is the law for the state of Virginia for smoking tobacco in a place of business?

We are not familiar with the law in Virginia, but the owner of a place of business has the right to prohibit smoking, regardless of the state.

Does Virginia require that you have parental consent of emancipation at age 16?

In the state of Virginia does a minor of the age 16 need parental consent to be emancipated to her boyfriend who has been together for 2 years.

Can you be fifteen to get emancipated if you have parents who does not take care of you?

{| |- | It depends upon the state you live in. Only about half of them have emancipation laws. Most require you to be at least 16 to apply if they allow it. |}

How old you do you have to be to be emancipated in the state of va?

You are emancipated when you turn 18.

Can you be emancipated when your fifteen about to turn sixteen?

depending on what state you live in and the states emancipation laws, and your situation. for example: Wisconsin doesnt have any emancipation laws. you can get emacipated if you can prove that you are fit to live and support yourself on your own. meaning you need a job and a place to live.....

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Can a sixteen year old move in with her boyfriend without parental consent in the state of West Virginia?

Not unless she marries him first or is legally emancipated.

Can a minor be emancipated in the state of Florida without being married or pregnant?

As far as i know the 2 main factors in being emancipated are having a steady job and a place to live.