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Can you be fired from your job while on workmens comp if it is in the union contract?


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depends on what you did. and depends on how strong your union is. The protections under Workmans Comp are intended to insulate you from retaliation by an employer due to your inability while considered injured--- nothing more... If you violated a rule, protocol, or procedure which would have resulted in your termination under other circumstances, and the violation was not in any way caused by your inability stemming from your injury, then you're on your own... Workmans Comp won't allow you to be insubordinate, unruly, late to work, lazy, intolerant of others, argumentative, or unduly absent from work. It WILL protect you from retaliation an employer may attempt toward you concerning your productivity, if it can be shown that the employer is being unreasonable in expecting of you more than your injury will allow. The protection is NOT a safety-blanket against being fired or laid-off for due cause apart from the injury.