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yes. but the odds of it are slim.


Sure, but it is not forever. Everyone goes through 'puppy love' and 'first love' and various levels of relationships. It is part of the learning process. You will learn what is important, what isn't, what matters to you and what doesn't. You have to learn what makes a lasting relationship by having a few work and not work.


It's okay to fall in love at age 14. Crushes are normal for teenagers and we call that "puppy love". Of course, your parents may have different views about that but they're sure that it is normal. They're just crushes, you know. But, if YOU have a boyfriend or a girlfriend at that age, it may affect your studies or your life because 14 is really not a comfortable age to go steady. Some aspects of your personality may change because you have a girlfriend or a boyfriend. You may want to be with your mate than to go with your friends or your peers. That's just an example. There are many possibilities of emotional and social changes that can happen if you do that. That's all I can say.

Some people can fall in love at the age of fourteen, though it can grow in intensity at a later age. When I was thirteen, I met a fifteen year old male who I became very close friends with. He was the first person that I ever trusted after a difficult childhood and the first person that I was comfortable with touching me after an abusive experience. We know everything about each other and after dating for a while, I knew he was the one for me. You know you are in love when you accept somebody for who they truly are and would do anything for them- you can think of nobody that could replace them. Years later, we are still together...

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Q: Can you be in love at age 14?
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yes, age is but a number, if your in love with someone you will know. your age does NOT matter.

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Can you fall in love at the age 14?

Yes. You can, but it will all change when you get older.

At 14 can you fall in love?

Of course you can. You can fall in love at the age of 2. But don't confuse love with infatuation. That will get you in the long run.

Can someone fall in love at 14 years old?

yes i believe some people at the age 14 can fall in love. They just need to know that if its love or lust first.

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Why can't 14-year old girls fall in love?

Girls 14 years of age can fall in love. The question is whether it is a true love or adolescent crush that fades with time.

Is 14 a good age to have a first kiss?

ok.... if you really love the oerson then yes..

Can a 14 year old be in love?

Of course ! It's your love life and anyone can fall in love at any age ( besides toddler and young children )

Can you fall in true love at the age of 14?

I'm 14 and honestly no. Everything's still new to us, so i'm sure we'll go through many boyfriends before we actually feel like we love them. Love is nothing but talk when you're 14.

Can you love someone at the age of 14?

Statistically, it is much more likely to be a youthful crush brought on by hormones.Very, very few people marry someone that they fell in love with at 14. Sorry.

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Can a 14 year old person fall in love?

Possibly, but at that age, the feeling is mostly sexual desire.

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Love has no age. (:

Is it possible to be in love at age 14?

yes its possible u can fall in love at any age after u start your puberty. Definitely. I think that if you understand the meaning of love -and can recognize the differences between love, lust, and infatuation- and you know that you love this person, then you love the person. I think it's totally possible. I believe myself to be in love with this guy I am dating right now and I am 14. I don't know if it's "true love" or anything like that but I definitely have feelings for this person that are much deeper than a crush.

Is it weird for a 16 year old to date a 14 year old?

no becoz age is just a number if you really love each other then go for it no becoz age is just a number if you really love each other then go for it no becoz age is just a number if you really love each other then go for it

Can you be in love with someone if you are only 14 and you have never been in a relationship with the person?

Yes. Love can come from all ages of people. Age is only a number, love is what counts. I agree with the person above, but if you're in love you will know it.

I'm 14 and have liked this girl for 2 and a half years is it love?

Well it depends on how old she is!!! I think it will be love if you use the right steps She is the same age as me...(by LiverpoolRule)

I am 14 your boyfriend is 12?

Well age really doesn't matter as long you love him and if your friends are presurring you fon't listen to them... you love him and that's all that really matters.

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hey love from my opinion , i must say in high school, at age of 13 or 14 u know what u like n what best for u.....then just tell him or her about u that u r in love with him or her...... that what i think n it's true for me

Can a 18 year old marry a 14 year old in North Carolina?

14 is still a child. Crazy to marry at that age. If you truly love each other you can wait.

Is it okay for a 14 year old to go out with a 16 year old?

If you are happy with each other, and you love and respect each other, then there is not a problem. Age is a number for things such as love.