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Yes, you can. The degree of curve cannot be more than 30 of Thoracic and 20 of Lumbar. You can't join also if it has an obvious affect on physical performance. I personally just signed up and am fully processed to go into Airborne Rangers and I have a massive upper curve. It's all about endurance, if I can join the Army Rangers with an upper curve, you can join the military too! Stay happy, tell yourself you're healing, and workout your back muscles and you can join the military with scoliosis.

I tried to enter the army many years ago, I was turned down, I had my Scolisois surgery in 1989 and they would not entertain me joining at all, you will be asked to have a medical anyway, if their medical professor feels you are not fit enough, they will refuse you. It wouldn't hurt to join up and at least find out, their rules may be different now, however, because I had surgery I was deemed not fit enough, my curve was 76º at surgery. Having a good muscle core will help your spine and therefore the army may well be good for your Scoliosis, they will at least keep you fit and supple, there are many Ballerinas with Scoliosis but because they have very fit muscles in the spine, they hardly notice pain or problems, until they stop Ballet! ;) I hope all goes well for you and that you are accepted into the army. This question really depends on where your curve is, what the degree of curve you have and what position you would assume in the army. For example, I had surgery in 1989 to correct my Scoliosis and I could not entertain going into the army (depsite the fact they wouldn't take me), I can't pick up heavy objects and I certainyl couldn't run with a back pack on! Exercise is good for a Scoliosis curve, if you have fit strong back muscles, this will support your spine more, if you have a 20º curve you shoukdn't have problems, however if you have over 50º curve, you are considered for surgery, the army would not allow you entry for this reason.

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Q: Can you be in the military after having reconstructive knee surgery?
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