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Can you be insured if you have Hepatitus C?

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How do you get hepatitus c?

You can get it by blood transfusions.

Whats the common name for viral hepatitis?

Hepatitus A, B, or C

Are aids and hepatitus b and c all bloodborne pathogens?


What is scerosis of the liver?

Cirrhosis of the liver in the basic "killing off" of healthy liver cells. The causes are linked to excessive alcohol use or abuse and Hepatitus C. What smoking does to the lungs, excessive alcohol and Hepatitus C does to the liver.

Can you contract hepatitus c from sharing a needle that's been rinsed off?

i believe so

Hepatitus b can be spread by?

can hepatitus b spread through saliva

What type of pathogen causes hepatitis?

Hepatitis is caused by blood borne pathogens. The pathogens themselves conveniently share similar names to the type of hepatitis they cause: The pathogen that causes Hepatitus A is known as the Hepatitis A Virus (HAV), the pathogen that causes Hepatitus B is known as the Hepatitis B Virus (HBV) and the pathogen that causes Hepatitus C is known as the Hepatitis C Virus (HCV).

Can someone with hepatitis a get married and have a kid like normal people?

depends on which hepatitus you are talking about, a,b,c?

From where in mount pleasant i can get free vaccinations for hepatitus b and c?

There is no hepatitis C vaccine. Free vaccines, if available, would be through the department of health.

Can you get cirrosis by not drinking alchol?

Yes but in developed countries it's usually alcohol abuse or Hepatitus C as the cause.

What did irving millman invent?

he invented the vaccine against hepatitus and hepatitus disease which is a liver disease

What does hepa stand for?

Hepatitus A

What diseases you can get from tattoos?

Hepatitus, aids

Was there a Greek god named Hepatitus?

No, there was never a Greek god named Hepatitus. Hepatitis is a disease. I suppose that the closest sounding god to that is Hephaestus.

What diseases do monkeys carry?

teburkulosis hepatitus

What test is done before a blood transfusion?

The following tests are performed before the blood transfusion. 1. Hepatitus B 2. Hepatitus C 3. HIV 4. Treponima pallaidum (Symphillus) 5. Malarial Parasite 6. Creutz feldt Jacob disease or Mad cow disease

The type of hepatitus caused by contaminated food?

Hep A

What diseases are transferable by human fecal matter?


Is Interstate First Financial of Texas FDI*C insured.?

No, Interstate First Financial is not FDIC-insured. It is now called AmeriLife First Financial. It is not a bank.

What are two illnesses that bloodbourne pathogens can cause?

HIV and Hepatitus.

What diseases can be caught from human vomit and or feces?

Hepatitus b

What shots do infants get at birth?

Hepatitus B Vitiman K

What is the type of vehicle insurance that covers damage sustained by the insured vehicle in an accident?

C. Comprehensive

Insured vs Insured Professional Liability?

The insured and the insured professional are one and the same.

Can you drive cat c car with mot tax and insurance?

Yeah? If Your Insured To Drive It n Have A License