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Can you be kicked out of the house for getting a GED?

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No you can't. You will have to be of legal age for that to happen. GED is a proof of high school equivalency. doesn't mean you give up your right or anything.

2008-10-10 19:44:04
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Getting a GED is the only way to get a diploma after you are 21. If you are interested in getting a GED, contact your local education department to see when they offer GED courses, and how you can take the GED test.

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You will need to check with a particular college to see if it accepts a GED instead of a High School Diploma. If you are 18 and get kicked out of high school and then get your GED, the answer is probably not, or at least not at this time. If you are 30 and decide to get serious and decide to continue your education and get a GED, the answer is probably yes. Still, if you are 18 there might be a college that will accept you.

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