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Can you be listed as a driver on a vehicle while going bankrupt?


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being listed as a driver on a vehicle has to do with your insurance and not the company selling the vehicle. if the insurance runs your credit report before they make a final quotation for coverage, then they could possibly deny you as being an insurable driver on a certain vehicle. it probably won't happen but could depending on what state you live in.

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If they are going to drive, they must be a listed driver on a vehicle in the household.

Some companies will allow the named insured to be excluded as a driver. Remember that an exclusion means that you will not be allowed to drive the vehicle and if you do then there is no coverage at all if a claim occurs. You will also have to have anyone who is going to drive the vehicle listed on the policy as a driver. You can't have a policy without a driver listed on it.

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To my knowledge, most insurance companies cover the car, regardless of who drives it. But check your policy to be sure as this may not always be the case. Your insurance broker will be able to tell you for sure. If you are just a part time driver of the vehicle then you may not have to worry about your rates going up. Also, you may or may not have to be listed as a part time driver on your policy. Hope this helps.

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