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No. Driving with a Learner's Permit requires a licensed driver to be in the car with you.

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Q: Can you be on a learners permit and drive alone to work?
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If you are going to work and have your learners permit may you drive alone?

no, you cannot drive alone with a learner's permit

Is it true that with a learners permit you can drive to school work or place of worship alone?

No, at least not in NC

Can you drive to work with a learners permit in DE?

Your destination is not relevant, you may not drive without the necessity of complying with ALL the requirements of your learners permit.

In the state of Alabama can you drive your boyfriends car to work by yourself without being on his insurance policy you only have a learners permit?

depending on the exact type of permit, you are not allowed to drive alone anyways

If a teenager lives a few miles from work can they drive themselves with a learners permit?


In the state of Florida can you drive to work alone with your learners permit?

NO! ALL restrictions of its use (such as: restrictive hours - having to have a licensed driver - etc) must be adhered to.

Can you drive to and from work alone with a permit in the state of Washington?


Can a 15-year-old with a learner's permit drive to work alone in Florida?

Part of the learners permit test covers that information. If you haven't bothered to read the book, perhaps you shouldn't be driving EVEN WITH ADULT SUPERVISION! No, most states are raising the driving age and driving laws for learners are more restrictive than before. In general, you can't drive a car alone on a learners permit. You MAY be able to drive a motorcycle alone, but you'll need to check your state laws to find out the restrictions. When in doubt, check the local laws since they vary from state to state.

Can you drive to and from work alone when you have a learner's license at sixteen?

No, a learners permit is for you to use while you are LEARNING how to drive. I beieve in most states now the other adult in the car must be licensed and be 21 or older.

Is it possible for an 18-year-old in California with a permit to drive alone to work?

No you are not able to drive to work with a permit even if you are 18

If you are 17 years old and you have had your learners permit for 11 months can you drive from school to work?

not till you git your drivers license you cant do it with your permit.

Can you drive to work alone with a permit in Florida?

Nope gota have your license

How far alone may you drive with your learners permit?

To the end of your driveway. With a restricted license, there is no limit on the distance, but your destination must be to school or work and back home. You have to have a licensed driver with you (usually 5 years of experience in some states) when using a Learners permit on public roads no matter how old you are. You both then could drive across the US if you wanted.

How old do you have to be to get a learners permit in Arkansas?

What kind of permit? Driving? Hunting? Work?

Does New York learners permit work in Pennsylvania?


Can your 16 yr old daughter get a work permit to drive if she was stopped driving with her learners permit?

Nope ... she broke the laws by driving without another licensed driver in the car while she was driving. A "work permit" does not issue authorization to drive a car without being properly licensed. There are other transportation means for people to get to work ... public buses, taxicabs, bicycles, walking, etc. no guaranted a work permit is to work NOT TO DRIVE!''If you cant do the time dont do the crime!''

Can a 18-year-old with a learner's permit drive to work alone in the state of California?


1 am work permit holder you can drive in sg?

i am work permit holder i can drive in Singapore

Can you drive in California with an Illinois learners permit?

No. If you talk to the California Highway Patrol (1-800-TELL-CHP), they will tell you that only a valid driver's license is acceptable--an Illinois permit won't work.

If you are 18 and have your learner's permit may you drive alone to work or school in Florida?

NO! You must be accompanied by a licensed driver.

Can a nineteen year old with a learners permit drive to work alone or do they have to drive with a parent?

You HAVE to have your license to drive by yourself, it doesn't matter if you're 89, learners permits are for new drivers that allow kids to drive with parents or guardians, family members over 21 (in most states), and anyone over 25 with a written permission slip from your parent or guardian (in most states). So you need to take drivers-ed and get your license, but as for right now, your stuck with mommy. But in some states when you turn 18 you can go get your license instead of being stuck with a permit.

Can a 16 year old drive to school and work with a permit in Florida alone?

No, not unless you have someone twenty years or older with you.

Is it illegal for a 21 year old and older to drive alone to work with a learner's permit in Pennsylvania?

It's illegal to drive alone on a learner's permit at any age in any state. The only exception to this is for persons who have a CDL learner's permit - since they must already possess a regular license prior to getting a CDL, the CDL learner's permit serves as a regular license and a learner's permit for CMVs.

Can you drive to work and school alone with just a permit in new york state?

Not without a person over the age of 21 in the car with you (:

Can you drive to work with a permit?