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Probably not. There is about 1% of the population that this happens to.

If you had a negative blood test i seriously doubt your pregnant but i could be wrong when i took a urine test mine came back negative and the next morning it was postive.

It depends on how early after your missed period you took the test. You could have ovulated really late, and hcg isn't enough to be detected yet. It takes about 2 wks after implantation (or so I have read) to show positive.

A blood test can return a negative pregnancy test result up to and past ten (10) days after intercourse (or artificial insemination), a urine test will usually return a negative pregnancy result for a minimum of four weeks after intercourse.

So you could be pregnant and not know it for up to six weeks, even after taking many pregnancy tests.

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Q: Can you be pregnant even though you had one negative blood test and two negative urine tests?
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Could it be possible to be pregnant even though 2 blood pregnancy tests came back negative but still feel pregnant?

If the tests say no then you aren't pregnant, you probably feel that way coz of you are worried you maybe pregnant even though you aren't. The power of the mind........

Is there a chance you are pregnant if you are 21 days late you have had 2 pee test done at the Dr both was negative could you still be pregnant?

Yes you could be pregnant even though pee tests at the dr came out negative. To be certain get a blood test done.

Can you be pregnant and your stomach be growing but the test say negative?

If its early, sometimes the tests will be inaccurate. In fact sometimes blood tests can be inaccurate.

What does it mean if a blood test was negative but you still have no period and can you still be pregnant and have a false negative?

yes you can be pregnant and get a negative test result with blood tests it is rare. There are other causes of missed periods see your gynecologist he will probably recommend an ultrasound.

The pregnancy test is negative but you feel pregnant?

go to a doctor, they can take blood tests, they are 100% accurate!

Can you still be pregnant if all the tests including blood tests are negative but you have all sysmptoms of being pregnant and you are at the end of your pregnancy term?

Could someone answer this i feel the same way !!! could a home and blood test be negative when in fact the lady is 7 8 or 9 months??? or if the baby died inside would it make the blood test negative???

Last week you went to two different doctors for a pragnancy checkup they both found nothing but you still think that you are pregnant could you be pregnant?

first before you become pregnant learn how to spell it , it is very unlikely that you would be pregnant if the urine tests were negative , impossible if the blood tests were negative

You have taken 5 home pregancies they come up positive you have had two blood tests they both came up negative but the 2 one you took dected something and you had a little bit of human chrorine?

The best way to find out if you are pregnant are the blood tests. I have been mislead by home pregnancy tests before. But in my situation they came up negative and my blood tests came up positive... I was in fact pregnant.

Could you be pregnant even though your tests are negative?

Yes - go and see your doctor and they will do a more reliable test

I have had 3 missed periods and 3 negative tests what should i do am i pregnant?

go to your doctor and get a blood pregnancy test

Can i blood pregnancy text be negative if you took it before you expect you period?

Pregnancy tests are almost always accurate with home tests it is more common to get a false negative then a positive if it says you are pregnant then you are.... With a blood test you will most likely always get the correct reading because your blood changes it increases and it develops a hormone that is only there when pregnant.

You feel pregnant but the tests say no and you have PCOS?

Well it is possible for you to be pregnant and have PCOS, and there is also a posiblity of a false negative. If you think that you are pregnant, you should get a blood test to be absolutely certain.

Can you have 12 negative pregnancy tests and still be pregnant?

yes, apart from blood test or scan there is no way to be 100% sure

Could you be pregnant if you have spotting last month instead of having regular periods but urine test come out to be negative?

You are very possible to be pregnant. The best thing to do is go get a blood test, urine tests are not 100% right, blood tests are. Plus if you are pregnant, it would be best for the doctor to know and see why there was blood spotting.

Is it possible to still be pregnant after two negative home pregnancy tests and a negative blood test with a lighter than normal period and still feel like you're pregnant?

Technically, yes. It is not uncommon, though, to feel morning sickness sometimes, even when you are not pregnant. Especially when you smell or feel something that reminds you of a previous pregnancy.

Can you still be pregnant if 3 pregnancy tests have all been negative?

i know i took two tests and i was pregnant

Is there any chance you could be pregnant if you've had several negative pregnancy tests including a blood test but no period?

if all tests showed as negative then you should go see your gp about the fact that your periods have stopped.

Could it still be possible to be pregnant after 3 positive tests 3 negative tests a negative blood test but no bleeding?

Well To Find Out That Answer Go See Your Doctor Thats All You Got To do Good Luck

What if you are pregnant and had your period and you take 5 pregnancy tests where all negative?

You need to see a doctor. It is possible that you have miscarried, but only scans and blood tests will tell for sure.

Would it be possible to have missed three periods have 2 negative blood tests and 3 negative hpt tests and still be pregnant also taking into account that there are many pregnancy symptoms present?

It is not possible for you to be pregnant, and not have HCG present in your blood test results. depending on what your pregnancy symptoms are, it may be something as simple as PCOS.

Can you still be pregnant even if the pregnancy test came out negative?

Though pregnancy tests are supposed to be foolproof, there are some factors that could make the test come out negative even if you are pregnant, for example, you get more accurate results if you use morning urine. A blood test will confirm (or not confirm) a pregnancy for sure.

If you are 10 weeks pregnant and having your period could you still be pregnant even if both urine and blood test came back negative?

I would think not. Period + negative tests for pregnancy is a pretty sure sign that you are no longer pregnant.

How likely is it to get 3 negative hcg tests 5 weeks 7 weeks and even 9 weeks later negative after LMP?

Not very likely. If you are getting negative tests and think you are pregnant go to the doctor for a blood test/ultrasound scan.

Could you be pregnant if your period is a week late and you have sore nipples and are bloated and nauseous but a pregnancy test was negative?

Yes. Some people get negative tests, but later find out they are acutally pregnant. Get a blood test from your doctor.

Could you still be pregnant if two urine tests were negative?

yes but to know for sure get a blood test I'm on the same thing