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Most likely. Wait a week and take another test. You may need to pee longer on the stick. The second line is usually the control line. Meaning it is there pregnant or not. If you still get a faint line, call your doctor, but if there's a line that says you're pregnant, you're probably pregnant.

YES!If you took 2 pregnancy tests and they both have a faint line then most likely you are pregnant..if your not sure you can go get a blood test done or just go to your doctor to get a office test done ! GOOD LUCK

YES!! I was a few weeks pregnant and with twins, I took 2 pregnancy test and they both a very faint line that almost didnt even look like it was there, But It was still positive.

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Q: Can you be pregnant if the second line was faint on two home pregnancy tests?
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What does it mean when there is a dark vertical line and a faint horizontal line in the round window on an ept test?

According to most pregnancy tests, a second faint line does indeed mean that you are pregnant. The second line only shows up if the pregnancy hormone is in your urine. So if it is there at all, then you are pregnant. If you take the test early, like before your missed period, this may be why the line is faint. Wait until after your missed period and repeat the test to be completely sure of the accuracy.

What levels of HCG can home pregnancy tests detect?

At two weeks pregnant when my hcg was 30 all of the home pregnancy tests came up negative, a week later when my hcg was 1598 there appeared a very faint line.

You took 2 pregnancy tests and both of them gave you a very faint positive and you feel crampie and bloated are you pregnant?

Yes very much pregnant ..since faint positive means positive ..migh take some time to get it darker !!

Had 3 tests the first one was positive the second one had one line showing and the other line was very faint but the third one was negative. Have cramps and spotting. Coud I be pregnant?

Yes your pregnant for sure! You might want to get some blood work to be sure, pregnancy tests arent that accurate

If you took 2 pregnancy tests and the first one had a very very very faint line but the second had nothing does this mean you could be pregnant?

Results are inconclusive 50/50. Take another test or go to the doctor.

If two pregnancy test show a faint positive and the following two pregnancy test show positive are you really pregnant?

yes you are more than likely pregnant, go to the doctors and get a blood test done, it is more accurate than home pregnancy tests

How many more pregnancy tests should you take if the first and second are positive?

That's enough - you're pregnant

How can you tell that your pregnant?

Usually a pregnancy test will pick up the pregnancy hormone by the first or second day of your missed period if you are pregnant, but many tests suggest that you wait a week after you miss your period.

When do pregnancy tests show positive?

When you're pregnant.

I just recently had my periods they stoped but two days later i started spotting I had two home pregnancy tests done and they ware both faint Could i be pregnant?


Are pregnancy tests the same as drug tests?

Pregnancy tests detect certain chemicals in a woman's urine which are otherwise not present if not pregnant. Otherwise NO.

Can you still be pregnant if 3 pregnancy tests have all been negative?

i know i took two tests and i was pregnant

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