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It is possible but the chances are almost negligable.

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Q: Can you be pregnant if the semen touches your vagina?
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Can you get pregnant if sperm just touches the lips?

No. Semen (sperm) has to actually get into the vagina.

If your on top and wearing a skirt and panties and his semen touches your vagina but you have your skirt and pantie on can you get pregnant?


If semen touches a virgin female's vagina lips could it make her pregnant?

Yes, it is possible.

If my boyfriend only touches my vagina with his hand will I get pregnant or not?

Pregnancy can only be achieved through the introduction of semen into the vulva, so unless his hand is covered in semen, there is no chance you'll get pregnant.

If a boy touches his penis and hugs a girl by touching the waist will that cause pregnancy?

No, the only way for a woman to get pregnant is for semen to enter the vagina, unless you ejaculate on your hand and put in in her vagina, she will not get pregnant.

Can a girl get pregnant if a guy touches his penis to her vagina with his t-shirt on and there is semen on it?

The chance of becoming pregnant without penetration is very, very small.

Can you get pregnant from semen in the mouth?

You can't get pregnant from semen in the mouth. You can only get pregnant from sperm in the vagina.

Can a girl get pregnant from having on clothes and her bf rubbing on her?

Well it depends. If he was masturbating,ejaculated, then touches her vagina no clothing, the semen can transfer.

Can you be pregnant if the semen is not inserted in the vaginia?

No. Semen must enter the vagina for a woman to get pregnant.

If a boy touches your vagina could you be pregnant?

No you can not be pregnant.

Will a girl get pregnant if she has semen on her hands and touches herself?

There is a possibility that you can get pregnant. Its more like a 50/50 chance. Semen is very powerfull and once it toches the vagina it can swim inside and fertilix=ze any egg.

Can a girl get pregnant from semen on her buttocks?

If the semen was on your buttocks then you can't get pregnant. If the semen was VERY near your vagina then there is a slight chance you could get pregnant.

Can a women get pregnant if she swallow semen?

No. To fall pregnant the semen must enter a woman's vagina.

Can A girl get pregnant from outercourse?

Semen has to be inside the vagina for you to get pregnant.

If semen touches the inner lips of vagina is there a chance for pregnancy?

Yes there is!

Can you get pregnant because of semen outside the vagina or without direct contact of semen with vagina?

if sperm came into contact with the vagina then yes

Where should semen be ejaculate to get pregnant?

In a vagina.

Can you get pregnant if semen is wiped on jeans but not in your vagina?


Can you get pregnant for putting your fingers in your vagina?

Only if your fingers happen to have semen. To get pregnant, you need to get semen into your body.

If you pull out then wipe off the semen and put it back in the vagina can you get pregnant?

Yes. A woman can get pregnant from pre-ejaculate, plus you had to have released some semen in the vagina in order to have semen on the penis when you pull out.

After mastrubation I ejaculated in woman's vagina is there a chance to get her pregnant?

Of course. Semen into the vagina is how all women get pregnant.

Can you get pregnant by fingering or playing with your vagina?

Only if there is semen on the finger, or around the vagina.

When semen touches air and then he puts it back inside you can you get pregnant?

Yes. Air will not kill the sperm instantly. The semen keeps the sperm fresh ready to be released inside the vagina. The semen needs to dry out before the sperm dies out in the open.

Can you get pregnant from semen on your clothing?

No, it needs to get inside your vagina.

If semen is prayed on a virgin's vagina can she get pregnant?