Can you be pregnant if you are 16 days from your period and having mild cramps if you have had unprotected sex for over a week?

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2008-06-29 17:27:00

It is quite possible you could be pregnant. Sometimes early on

in pregnancy you can experience mild cramping. you are at high risk

to getting pregnant-- but maybe your cramping now because of

ovulation and its 14 days so i believed is ovulation and if you

were to have sex its a big chance you will get pregnant to

today--the ovulation only last 24 hours.... you will know you are

ovulation when you see clear or white discharge...good luck Yes, it

is quite possible. You must remember that having unprotected sex

(this includes without him ejaculating as well because

pre-ejaculate is capable of getting a female pregnant too) always

makes you very susceptible to becoming pregnant. You should use at

least some form of contraception to prevent pregnancy. In order for

a woman to become pregnant, her egg must be fertilized during

ovulation which occurs about fourteen days before her menstrual


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