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Can you be pregnant if you are sleepy bloated and feeling nauseas?

thats not an answer dummy...

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Can you be pregnant if you are sleepy and feeling bloated?

Yes,but there are also many other reasons to feel sleepy and bloated.

How do you say in malayalam-are you feeling sleepy?

Are you feeling sleepy-Ninakku Urakkam varunnundo...?

Is there a specific name for the feeling of being sleepy after eating a meal?

Postprandial somnolence is feeling sleepy after a meal.

You had your period last month but lately ive been nauseas the past week off and on and ive been more sleepy than usual your husband and you have been trying for a few months now?

You might be pregnant - take a test

If you feel sleepy all the time and need a pee every half an hour and feel bloated and loss of appetite could you be pregnant if you've been on the pill for 7 years and never missed a period?

I want to be pregnant, but im on the pill

What are the signs of ovarian cancer?

Signs of ovarian cancer include being sleepy all the time, being bloated, having abdominal pain, frequent urination, menstrual bleeding that is not normal, and feeling nauseated.

How do you say i am feeling sleepy in Tamil?

enaaku tukham varuthu.

What does noni mean in spanish?

tener noni = feeling sleepy

Why did a kid sleep in class?

Because the kid was feeling sleepy.

What should a five months pregnant full time college freshman do when feeling sleepy all the time?

Get tested for mononucleosis, epstein barr virus, or toxic pre- eclampsia.

I have the feeling at the bottom of my throat I'm going to be sick i get this feeling all day i get light headed and my lower stomach is very tender and bloated.?

I think you moght not be getting enogh sleep. That happend to me once and I relized I was sleepy. It is also,a peice of your lung might of came of and traveled up your throut and stays there.Try as mich as you can to chough it out.

Do you feel sleepy when your pregnant in the first fews days or weeks?

the feeling of being tired usually occurs around the 2 week or so and continues until the end of the first trimester.

What should you do when you feel sleepy while driving?

If you are feeling sleepy while driving, you should pull over as soon as it is safe to do so.

What is the golden rule of driving?

It is do not drink and drive, or drive when feeling sleepy.

How do you say in Malayalam- I am feeling sleepy?

Enikku urakkam varunnu.

What kind of feeling does Marijuana produce?

The feeling that Marijuana produces is happy and sleepy. those are the only feelings i believe it produces.

Why you be tired and you be feeling sleepy?

You might be anemic. Go to the doctor and have tests done.

How should you feel if you are two weeks pregnant?

you should feel tired, and sleepy

Always feeling sleepy and tired?

No, I tend to sleep when I'm tired and feel better afterward.

For about two months Ive had trouble sleeping gassy and bloated a bit of weight gain very sleepy moody heartburn indigestion no missed period and negative pregnancy test can I still be preg?

if you havent missed your period than you are most likely not pregnant, but there are such things as false negatives on pregnancy tests and around 2 months is the time frame for those to be common. The symptoms however, you normally wouldn't be feeling most of those this early in a pregnancy, it could be your diet causing the problems. You should go to a professional for a pregnancy test if you think your pregnant.

What could be causing you to be sleepy and hungry all the time?

You might be pregnant. Take a test

You had your period but you feel light headed and sleepy could you be pregnant?

Possibly. Take a test

What the women do when she is pregnant?

Missed period ,feel sleepy and you will throw up mostly 4times

Does air conditioning make you sleepy?

It shouldn't. If you start feeling sleepy, light headed, etc. whenever you turn on your air conditioning, it may possibly be caused by a refrigerant leak in the evaporator.

What is dazed?

Dazed means confused. She hates to take cold pills because they leave her feeling dazed and sleepy.

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