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Yes you can, if you are pregnant they disappear at around the time your period doesn't come.

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Q: Can you be pregnant if you have PMS symptoms?
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Can a girl have he PMS and be pregnant?

You can have symptoms that are similar to PMS and still be pregnant.

Do you PMS when you are pregnant?

While you do not have PMS while pregnant, you might experience PMS-like symptoms like mood swings.

Can signs of pms mean im not pregnant?

Pregnancy symptoms and PMS symptoms are somewhat similar it depends on the girl. If there is a chance you are pregnant visit your gyno. if not you should be good to go!

Could you be experiencing premenstrual asthma symptoms but still be pregnant?

You can experience PMS symptoms and be pregnant yes. But if you get your period then you aren't pregnant.

If you have no symptoms of pms or pregnancy could you still be pregnant?


If you have pregnancy symptoms does it mean your pregnant?

It could, but PMS sometimes copies pregnancy symptoms.

If a girl is experiencing a menstruation symptoms she can be pregnant?

Could be, most likely it is PMS.

Is it possible to have PMS symptoms but no period to follow?

some people experince pms or signs of there period without getting it after....this can mean that you are pregnant.

Can you feel pregnancy symptoms and still not be pregnant?

Yes you can! Sometimes when you think or want to be pregnant you feel the symtoms.. Other times it will be PMS same symptoms which sucks

Can you be pregnant even if your having symptoms jus like your pms such as sore breast?

Hello. Yes you can be pregnant hun. Early pregnancy symptoms DO feel like PMS. Wait till your period is late and do a pregnancy test. If its negative, see your doctor for a blood test.

Do tender breasts mean i am pregnant?

Not necessarily. You can have tender breasts as part of PMS symptoms or for other reasons.

Can you be pregnant if your bleeding comes two days later than usual and still feel or have pregnancy symptoms?

it might have pms symptoms-pregnancy and pms symptoms feel the same... if you think your pregnant then do a home pregnancy test..but bleeding heavy as a regular period you might not be pregnant but if you are spotting or bleeding light it might be implantion bleeding-this is when the developing egg implants itselfs in your uterine walls-some women gets this ...some just missed their period..good luckAnswerHi, PMS symptoms can feel like pregnancy symptoms. Especially bad PMS symptoms.Because you got your period then your not pregnant. If your period wasn't normal flow for you, then wait 2 weeks and do a pregnancy test or see your doctor for a blood test this week.

Is it normal to have PMS symptoms when pregnant via intrauterine insemination?

Hello. When a lot of women conceive a baby, they all complain of experiencing PMS like symptoms in various frequencies. So this is very normal sweetheart. :o)

Could you be pregnant if your period is due in a week and a half and you have not had any pms symptoms like usual?

no, when you get pregnant you will have even more pms symptoms as they are cause by an increase in hormones, which is exactly what happens when you get pregnant, only tenfold.AnswerIf you know your body, you know what normally takes place at the beginning of your cycle. It doesn't mean your pregnant it could be that your body is just changing.

Can a woman still have PMS symptoms after menopause?

technically no as pms has to dowith hormones but, can a woman have pms like symptoms even when not taking hrt

Can you have pregnancy-like symptoms and not be pregnant?

Yes, PMS sometimes gives women similar symptoms as pregnancy. SO does stress!!! Or wanting to be pg.

When you are pregnant and have your period is it accompanied by pms symptoms like bloating and sore breasts?

what i mean is, have those symptoms before and during period, but not all the time.

Are there symptoms that differ from period symptoms to recognize pregnancy?

Hello there. Some pregnant women, before they know for certain they are pregnant, experience "bad" PMS symptoms. Period symptoms can be a indication of pregnancy if the period doesn't arrive after a few days. If this happens, do a pregnancy test.

Is a lot of gas and feeling bloated a sign of pregnancy or just PMS?

PMS symptoms and pregnancy symptoms can be very simmilar. When I got pregnant, I didn't know I was because I felt the same symptoms that I feel during my PMS. I waited for my period to come, and since it didn't, I took the test and it came up positive. Yes it is a sign of both. Mind you with my five children I never got gas unless I was pregnant. And it started early in pregnancy too.

You have all your pms signs but your period is late Since pms symptoms are basically the same as pregnancy symptoms is there anything different you should look for to tell if you may be pregnant?

a gud preg test will give u the awnser gud luck xx

Can you experience pms symptoms during your period?

Most of the time pms symptoms come right before your period, but several girls/women get pms during there period.

When first pregnant can you still get period like symptoms?

That feeling that menstruation is about to happen is very common. Most of the symptoms of early pregnancy are very much like PMS.

Can your girlfriend have symptoms of being pregnant after a week from intercourse?

Probably not. Symptoms of pregnancy are caused by hormonal changes, seven days is not sufficient time for hormones to be causing symptoms. She maybe having PMS - the symptoms are often similar.

Can you get pregnant during pms?

YES! A woman can get pregnant AT ANY TIME! PMS is wholly unrelated to reproduction.

Can you be pregnant even though you are feeling PMS symptoms?

Its possible you may be pregnant but its difficult to say unless you miss your period. If you miss your period then perform a pregnancy test.