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yes! i went 4 whole months through pregnancy. with out knowing. still having my normal periods each month. i took a test just because the feeling was starting to feel uncomfortable, and guess what.. it was negative! i finally went to the doctor.. sure enough i was 4/ almost 5 months!! wow

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โˆ™ 2009-11-21 17:55:42
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Q: Can you be pregnant if you have urinary frequency but negative pregnancy test and short period?
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Could you be pregnant you have to pe all the time?

Urinary frequency is a symptom of pregnancy. If you think you're pregnant, take a test. Many other conditions also cause urinary frequency.

Can you have a negative pregnancy test if you have a urinary tract infection?

If you are pregnant, the urinary tract infection should not have any bearing on the result of your test. The test looks for hCG in the urine, and this is present if you are pregnant regardless of any infection.

Can you have a urinary tract infection while pregnant?

Yes, you can have a urinary tract infection when you're pregnant. UTIs are more common in pregnancy.

Is urinary frequency a symptom of early pregnancy?

Urinating frequently is a sign of early pregnancy but can also be signs for other things like a water infection or low pelvic floor muscles best thing take a test if negative do kegel exercises

Can chlamydia cause urinary frequency?

Yes, chlamydia can cause urinary frequency.

Can a urinary tract infection cause a negative result?

can a uti cause a negititve pregnancy result.

Can a urinary tract infection show your pregnant?

Urinary tract infections are not signs of pregnancy - most occur without pregnancy, although pregnant women may develop such infections more easily. Early pregnancy may produce mild sensations that are uncomfortable and these may mimic an infection.

Will the pregnancy test come out to be negtive when you have an urinary tract infection?

Pregnancy tests look for a hormone that is secreted by an implanted egg called hCG. It can only be detected if you are pregnant. If a pregnancy test is positive, it is best to follow-up with a provider for confirmation, but a negative result would not be due to a UTI.

What are the symptoms for the first 3 weeks of pregnancy?

Cessation of menstruation,bloatedness, tachycardia, urinary frequency,tired easily, nausea and vomiting.

What if you have a IUD and all of a sudden you get a UTI are you pregnant?

A urinary tract infection is not a symptom of pregnancy. The vast majority of men and women with UTIs are not pregnant. Especially the men.

You had two previous periods 3 negative urinary tests you have pregnancy symptoms you dont know what else to do?

get a blood test from your doctor

You have had your patch off for about a week and a half now and been having a lot of unprotected sex could you be pregnant?

I also have a Urinary Track Infection and a lot of pregnancy symptoms. I'm wondering if I'm pregnant or if it's just the Urinary Track Infection?

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