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You can't be pregnant unless you've had sex. It's unlikely you'd have any period 3 months into your pregnancy.

2006-09-16 02:43:53
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After sex had periods after 20 days but now two months passed and no periodsam you pregnant?

You might be - take a test

Can cockatiels be pregnant for 9 months?

Cockatiels lay eggs, so a cockatiel is never truly "pregnant". However, a cockatiel may have a retained egg for 9 months, although this would be very rare and a serious medical condition that should be seen by a veterinarian long before 9 months had passed.

Could your wife be pregnant after no sex for six months?

There was a documented case of a woman who became pregnant after a bullet passed through a male bystander and lodged in her pelvic area, carrying semen. Ordinarily, though, it is unlikely.

After sex had periods after 20 days but now two months passed and no periods pregnant?

you probably are not pregnant. Women that have their periods are not pregnant. If you had your period 20 days after sex then you cannot be pregnant. But if two months pass you have either changed your eating habits so you can't have your period, there might be something physically wrong with your anatomy. But be advised there is a 10%-18% rate of pregnancy per year with a condom. So be careful.

How many months are left in a year when one third of a year has passed?

1 year = 12 months If ⅓ of the year has passed then 1 - ⅓ = ⅔ of the year remains ⅔ of 1 year = ⅔ × 12 months = 8 months.

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How many months have passed from April of 2006 till June of 2013?

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What does within three months mean?

I think it means that it has to be done before 3 months have passed

Can a 39 year old woman not get pregnant?

You can get pregnant at any age until you have passed through menopause.

I am on my reminder pills and i'm not getting my period I have missed it the passed 2 months now and im definitely not pregnant?

Hi See your Doctor for a pregnancy blood test. If its negative change birth control.

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When can you get pregnant after stopping Depo-Provera?

Some women get pregnant within weeks of the due date of their next injection; for others, it may take up to 18 months. The average time until return to fertility is 11 months. The length of time a woman uses depo doesn't seem to make a difference in how long it takes to conceive. After the 18 months have passed, women get pregnant at the same rate as women who have never used Depo Provera; it has no long-term effect on fertility. While you can go on the birth control pill to have a monthly withdrawal bleed, going on the birth control pill will not help you get pregnant faster after Depo Provera. There is no special "cleansing regimen" that will help you get pregnant faster.

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What percentage of genetic information is passed on from each parent?

Normally 50% genetic information is passed on from each parent during fertilization.

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no you have to wait 6 months and get 2 refrences sayin your a good boy.

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Does smoking get you pregnant?

No. It has no effect on whether you become pregnant or not. However, to is really unwise to smoke whilst a female is pregnant as the chemicals in the substances being smoked in naturally passed to the unborn child

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