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Yes it is possible that you are pregnant if you have had unprotected sex it is also possible that your cycle is a few days off if you suspect that you may be pregnant go to the store and buy an at home test or go to your doctor to have a blood test done that way you can see if your pregnant or not and can do what you have to do whether it is get on Birth Control or start getting prenatal care.

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Q: Can you be pregnant if your period is three days late but you have cramps?
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You are having period cramps can you still be pregnant?

I took 8 cytotec in 2 days but bleed little now am spotting with cramps am I still pregnant

Is it possible to have period cramps and no period and be pregnant if you are 2 days late for your period and have mild cramps?

Two days late is nothing and I doubt that you are pregnant. What you describe is PMS and the cramps often come before a period as well as during a period. Stay off of sugars, caffeine, and take B6 to help yourself. When the cramps start using a heating pad to help yourself. When you are a month late for a period take a test.

How long before your period do you have stomach cramps?

Two to three days.

Usually your period is 7 days with bad cramps this time it was 2 days no cramps Could you be pregnant?

It's possible yes. Wait 9-14 days & perform a HPT.

What are the chances of a women feeling like she has premenstrual cramps from 10 days till 7 days before af and still have the possibilty of being pregnant?

If you have cramps and then your period does not, come do a test and confirm for yourself if you are pregnant

You got a negative blood and urine test irregular period 9 days later your breast are very soar for three days cramps also in the lower part and back?

You are pregnant!!

Can you cramp and still be pregnant?

Yes, when I was pregnant with my first child, I had cramps for about 3 days before my missed period and 2 days after. I was told that it is normal but I would still get it checked out after the day of your missed period.

Been getting cramps 2 start your period usually you get them like 4 days then you start but you ve only had cramp for 2 days and you had sex and he ejected in you is it a chance you can b pregnant?

The change in cramping does not suggest pregnancy. Cramps can vary with each period. The reason you may be pregnant is because he finished inside you. Yes, you can still get pregnant during your period.

Could you be pregnant if your period is 4 days late and you have a brownish pinkish period and cramps and the hpt comes up negative everytime you take it?


Why are you feeling cramps for 4 days straight but not starting your period Are you pregnant?

I had period like cramps with no bleeding from Tuesday before my period was due ( was due Saturday) Friday I did a pregnancy test and was positive so yes you could be.

When you were due for your period had cramps and light pink discharge im 15 days late a still get cramps sometimes can you be pregnant?

Slightly you can possibly be pregnant,but just try and stretch in the morn'in as much as you can every where!

Does having cramps means your pregnant?

No. It most likely means that you are going to get your period sometime in the next few days.

You had backaches cramps and tender breasts you missed your period by 4 days can you be pregnant?

Yes. Take a pregnancy test

Is there a possibility you can be pregnant if you are 4 days passed your period and having a light period that doesnt look or smell like your usual period with cramps?

YES! I was pregnant and still had 3 full menstrual cycle :):):):)

Could i be pregnant i have had stomach cramps for 4 days like period is about to come but it hasn't. I had sex around ovulation?

yes you could be pregnant

3 days late on your period but then had a light period with no cramps ow brown discharge could you be pregnant?

Yes, you could be. Take a pregnancy test

You have cramps and feel like im on your period but you have no bleeding?

wait a couple days and if you still have no bleeding take a pregnancy test. when i was pregnant i could feel slight cramps every month when i normally would have had my period

Period was 5 days late. Finally got it but only lasted 3 days and am now getting what feel like period cramps. pregnant?

take a test

What is the reproduction period of a sow?

A sow is pregnant for "three months, three weeks, and three days", or 115 days total.

If you suspect you're pregnant but get your period 2 days early with slight cramps and tiny egg like blood clots and have other symptoms is it possible you could still be pregnant?

It's possible to have a period and still be pregnant

Could you be pregnant if your period is not due for another week but you have had menstrual-like cramps for the past five days and you have gas and sore breasts?

ues you pregnant

Im 18days late had a negative hpt and having cramps could i be pregnant?

If you are already 18 days late, the hpt was probably accurate, and your cramps probably indicate that you are about to have your period.

My period is three days late and I am having cramps?

You are probably just having a late period but take a test just in case

Could you be pregnant if your last period was 2 weeks ago but for the last 2 days you've been having cramps and feeling like you're about to have your period?

If you've had sex since your last period then you may be pregnant.

If you are having cramps and its a few days before your period should start and you fooled around with your boyfriend but didn't have sex is it just your period or could you be pregnant?