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Can you be pregnant without knowing?


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Yes you can... Accept for taking a test, there's no way to know for sure that you are pregnant. Some girls went all the way through the nine months without ever knowing.


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yes they can and they can do it without you knowing

Yes,.some pregnancies can be hidden.

That's the million dollar question! Watch "I Didn't Know I was Pregnant" on the Discovery Health Channel.

You don't try to screw up not only his life, but that of the baby.

Right away. Many women miscarry without knowing they are pregnant.

Before you bleed the first time you ovulate so you can get pregnant then without even knowing your period is on the way.

Yes! but if you go to the doctor they can usually tell you around the time you concieved.

through her whoel pregnancy. if she is heavy or has a period throughout her pregnancy.

no. but traveling every where he just might get a young woman pregnant without knowing it.

Without knowing your location, I would suggest you speak to a local school or church for information about pregnant teen shelters.

Yes. It's very common to miscarry early on without even realizing you were pregnant. It's like having a very heavy period.

Yes, the majority of miscarriages happen before the woman even knows she is pregnant.

I have no clue, but, after a while, your doctor would know, because you'll be pregnant!!!

Yes, some women go much longer than 5 weeks. Some have even given birth without knowing they were pregnant.

The growth of your abdomen in pregnancy makes it extremely unlikely that you would deliver a baby without knowing you were pregnant ahead of time.

You can have any sexually transmitted disease without knowing it.

Yes, it is possible but not advisable. ------------------------------------- You shouldn't be getting pregnant if you have GallStones without knowing how strong their attack will be, because a women i know was pregnant and she ended loosing her child because the attack of gallstones where so strong.

I took two advil for what I thought was menstrual cramps that I was having and found out I was pregnant a few days after. I actually did this with both of my pregnancies before knowing I was pregnant and both of my kids were born healthy and still are at 7 and 3 years old.

You can have genital herpes for years without knowing it.

An early ultrasound scan tell give you an idea within a few days.

According to the following article, this should not be a problem. However, I suggest talking with your physician or the radiologist. (Try GOOGLING "mammogram while pregnant")

There is a chance because men can still release "precum" without knowing and it can have sperm in it

well if its a woman then get artificial sperm if its a man then your screwed

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