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Q: Can you be refunded for child support payments if you are not the father?
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How to get child support refunded?

You need to file an appeal or reconcilliation of the account with the child support agency overseeing your case. It may take months however, if you have overpaid you will have your money refunded by her (even if that requires them to seize her child support check) OR they will get the refund directly from the child support payments you are still making. Make sure you take ALL documentation that proves you have overpaid, court orders, child support withdrawals or payments you made in person/online, your income, etc.

Can social security help you get child support if the father gets disability?

No, but the child is potentially eligible for RSDI payments based on his disabled father's eligibility, and these payments would count toward the father's child support obligation.

If the mother of a child took the father off child support can they put him back on?

the mother of the child took the father off child support because she was not satisfied with the child support payments.

Can a father of a child sue for child support if he does not have custody of that child?

Of course not. Child support payments are paid over to the parent with legal physical custody.

Can child support paid to the custodial parent be garnished if they owe other debts?

No. Child support payments cannot be garnished.No. Child support payments cannot be garnished.No. Child support payments cannot be garnished.No. Child support payments cannot be garnished.

What happens to child support payments when army father dies?

They end. The child may be entitled to Social Security benefits from the father.

A father wanting to be emancipated from his child who is 18 to relief himself from paying child support he is behind on child support and wants out what can happen?

A father cannot petition for emancipation, the child has to. And it doesn't relieve him of paying back support payments.

How can you help your father get off child support if your under age?

You can't. Child support is court ordered and family services handles payments. The money is to support children your father has produced. It is his obligation to pay the support.

Is father obligated to pay child support if child drops from school before 18?

Yes, custodial payments are for the support and care of a child until they are 18.

Does the biological father have to pay any future child support payments if the mother marries another man?

FUTURE CHILD SUPPORT PAYMENTSyes he has to pay child support payments as long as he is told todoso by the if the new husband gives your child his name and the biological father agrees tosign his rights over he will not have to payany child support payments ,but as long as he hasn't signed his rights away you can get married and still get your child child support payments.both parents has to agree to have one parent give up their partenal rights.

Can ssd pick up child support payments?

Child support can be garnished from RSDI payments (but not SSI).

How can you keep from going to jail if you are behind on child support payments?

Catch up on your child support payments.

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