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anyone can sue another person at any time in there life no matter how they stand finacally in their past.

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Q: Can you be sued civilly by someone who was included in a bankruptcy?
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How can you get a judgment off your credit report after filing bankruptcy?

If the debt that you were sued over, or the judgment itself was included in your bankruptcy, you only need send a copy of your bankruptcy papers to the credit reporting agencies. The judgment will not "come off", but it should get marked "included in bankruptcy" or "discharged through bankruptcy".

If someone is being sued for back rent and breaking their lease can they still file for bankruptcy?

Anybody can file for bankruptcy.

Can a judge be sued in civil court for a decision in criminal court?

No, they cannot be sued civilly because of such decisions.

If I was to get to accident and someone else's car and I was being sued and I do a bankruptcy who will be liable?

Bankruptcy is altogether different than criminal settlements

What happens when a judge lies on a court instrument to have someone charged falsely with a crime?

If it can be proven, the judge can be impeached, arrested, or subject to being sued civilly.

Can you be sued while under bankruptcy?


Can you be charged both civilly and criminally at the same time in PA for retail theft?

Of course. Actually you are only "charged" for a crime and you are "sued" civilly. In your example, the retail theft is a crime and can be indicted, tried and punished. If restitution is not ordered in the criminal trial, the victii can sue civilly to recover.

Can you be sued for a car accident after you have filed for bankruptcy?

Yes, the accident and bankruptcy are two different issues.

Can you file bankruptcy if you were already sued?

Sure. Common.

Can you still go through bankruptcy ch 7 if you were sued?


Could A company in chapter 11 bankruptcy be sued for discrimination?


Can you be sued after your house is repossessed?

In general, yes, if you haven't files bankruptcy.

Can you be sued in small claims if you are poverty level?

Absolutely; anybody can be sued. If the court orders you to make a payment which you are unable to pay, you can declare bankruptcy.

If you are being sued for credit card debt can a judge prevent you from filing for bankruptcy?

No, lawsuits do not prevent a person from filing bankruptcy. The lawsuit will be stopped when the BK is filed and the debt or judgment can possibly be included in the filing. It is at the discretion of the trustee as to whether a BK or any portion of it is allowable according to bankruptcy law. The BK petitioner has the option of appealing any trustee ruling with which they disagree.

Can a person be sued in a civil law suit if filed in bankruptcy?

I think yes there are chances that person can be sued in a civil law suit because filing bankruptcy is such a process that it remains it in your name for at least for 10 years.and it affect on all ways to your life.

If someone is bankrupt can they be sued?

Yes, but generally not for something that occured before they filed....that must be handled by the bankruptcy court - who may - depending on the issue - ask another court to determine liability.

If someone is sued but no longer works for the company can the person still be sued?


Can you be sued after your chapter 13 is successfully discharged?

Not by creditors who agreed to participate in the chapter 13 bankruptcy.

If you file bankruptcy after being sued by a credit card company is the judgment against you removed?

Yes, if it is not a perfected lien against real property and the debt was discharged in the bankruptcy.

What is the best way to get rid of your assets and file for bankruptcy if you are being sued?

Don't do that. It's called fraud.

Can someone be sued for trying to change who someone else is?


Why is one direction getting sued?

they are getting sued because they stole the name from someone in the U.S.A.

Can you file for chapter 13 after being sued?

Yes you can file for chapter 13 bankruptcy after being sued. NO the liability and payments that attach if the other party is successful in the suit will NOT be discharged or reduced based on the fact that you have filed for bankruptcy. You will owe that individual the full amount (if they prevail) and it will stay with you throughout the bankruptcy proceeding and beyond. The above got it' hands crossed: ONLY items (debts and assets) that exist BEFORE (pre-petition) the filing of a bankruptcy ARE involved and protected by the bankruptcy. Those after the filing (POST petition) obviously are new and not excusable. There are some circumstances that may prevent a pre-petition item from being included: Type of debt (say child support), or if it was taken in "anticipation" of filing bankruptcy or too soon before so it looks that way.)

Can you file bankruptcy when you get sued for lack of coverage?

Only if you otherwise qualify for bankruptcy. Bankruptcy involves discharging debt. Certain debts are not dischargeable, like back child support, student loans, some taxes. If you are in violation of a state law requiring insurance coverage, filing bankruptcy will not help.

Hurting someone while wearing a bullet proof vest be sued?

You can always be sued for hurting someone. Is it worse to hurt someone while wearing a bullet proof vest? Not particularly.

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