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Yes. The good news is hospitals and medical billing agencies are more likely to accept a payment amount the debtor can afford than are other creditors.

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Q: Can you be sued for a medical bill?
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Bill gates was sued because the website nepscap thought that windows was trying to copy their website

Can you be sued for medical debt if you move out of state?


Can a website be sued for posting inaccurate medical or legal info even if they have a disclaimer?

A website who has a disclaimer cannot be sued for posting inaccurate medical or legal information. That is what a disclaimer is for.

Can a doctor sued for malpractice reveal medical information about patient?

A doctor can be sued for breaking doctor/patient confidentiality.

Can you be sued for a bill that does not show on your credit report?


What year was Bill Gates sued by Microsoft?


Can you be sued for your mom's bill's after she is dead?

The bill dies with her

What are the statutes in Georgia for medical bills when being sued?

Medical bills can be a very daunting thing to have to tame. If you are being sued in Georgia and there are medical bills involved you should know there is a statute of limitations. This statute is six years from the time of treatment.

Can be wife sued for husband hospital bill if on ss?


What if they say they are getting a lawyer to make you pay the late bill?

I would pay the bill. This is the start of your being sued for the bill.

Can you be sued by colection agency for medical bills that are pass the statute of limitations?

Nope, they cannot.

Average medical bill?

too much, the average medical bill is too much!

What Fox personality did Andrea Mackris sue for sexual harassment after he sued her for extortion?

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Can a collection agency or collector seize a checking account for a medical bill?

== == no they can not do so for a medical bill.

Statue of limitations for medical bill in Florida?

What is the statue of limitations in Florida for a hospital and medical bill?

What is the cause of most medical malpractice cases?

I believe that the most sued specialty are Ob-Gyns.

Can a collection agency sue you in Florida?

Yes, you can be sued over an outstanding debt. If you fear that you will be sued, you should call and set up a payment arrangement to cover the bill.

Can I be sued for credit card debt?

If you don't pay your credit card bill... yes.

What is a medical malpractice case?

A medical malpractice case is a case in which someone sues someone for medical reasons.An example of one would be if the surgeon amputated the wrong foot and the patient sued them.

A bill comes in my name it is a medical bill for my wife do i have to pay this bill in Ohio?


Can an Independent Medical Examiner in NY be sued for giving a false report?


Who is the responsible person for a medical bill?

The guarantor is the person responsible for a medical bill. For a child, the guarantor is usually a parent.

How do you block people from seeing your medical records?

Your medical records are protected by Federal privacy laws. If your's have been leaked, the source of the leak can be prosecuted and sued for damages.

Who pays medical bills in wrongful death suit if estate has no money?

It would be relevant to know how this person died and who is being sued for wrongful death. Conceivably, if the wrongful death suit is won and a payment is made, then the plaintiff in the suit (presumably, a relative of the person who died) would be in a position to pay medical bills, although if the doctors are being sued for wrongful death it may not make sense to also pay their bills. If the suit fails and there is no settlement, and the estate has no money, then the medical bills do not get paid. Not every bill can be collected. Sometimes they have to be written off as noncollectable.

Do all states keep medical records the same amount of time?

all states are required to keep medical records for at least 7 years. Most medical records are kept longer in case they get sued.