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Can you be sued for credit card debt in Texas?

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Yes. The credit card company can get a judgment against you from the court ordering you to pay the debt. If you can't, your wages can be garnished. In a situation like this, it's best to proacticontact the lender and work out a payment plan rather than have it turned over to a court. Texas does not allow wage garnishment unless it is the only method for a creditor to execute a judgment. The state does allow levy of bank accounts (including joint accounts) seizure and sale of non exempt property belonging to the debtor, and liens against real property (but not a forced sale of a primary residence). Texas is a community property state which means that in some instances joint marital property can be seized, levied or have a lien placed against it when only one spouse is the debtor. I work in the business in Texas and no your property cannot be seized or bank account cannot be levied for a credit card debt LUCKILY, TEXAS IS THE ONLY STATE THAT DOES NOT ALLOW WAGE GARNISHMENTS BY CREDIT CARD COMPANYS. WAGES CAN ONLY BE GARNISHED FROM THE IRS OR FOR CHILD SUPPORT.

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If you get Sued for credit card debt can they take the house?

If you are being sued by a credit card company can they take your house?

Can I be sued for credit card debt?

If you don't pay your credit card bill... yes.

Can you be sued in North Carolina over credit card debt?

Yes you can.

If you live in Texas can you be sued for a credit card debt of nine thousand dollars?

A person can be sued in any state for any amount. Texas does however have quite liberal exemptions for protecting personal and real property.

Can you be sued here in the Philippines for a credit card debt in Dubai?

You're screwed.

Does the state of Florida allow you to be sued over unpaid credit card debt?


Is there a limit in which you can be sued over credit card debt?

Your bank sets the limit. But yes.

Is an authorized credit card user responsible for his debt?

Of course, and they can be sued if they don't pay.

What can be done to someone who owes credit card debt but has no money or property and is being sued?

get a job(s!) and pay off the debt

Can you be sued for non payment of credit cards in Illinois?

Yes. Every time you sign for a purchase, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions of use of the credit card which includes repayment. If you don't repay the debt, you will be sued for not only the credit card charges but for interest and probably legal fees, too.

Can a credit card company put a lien on your home?

Yes. It happened to my neighbor and they couldn't sell until the debt was settled. True, but this would only happen if the credit card company first sued to collect the debt and was successful in obtaining a judgment.

Do you have to appear in court when being sued for credit card debt?

In general, yes, however if you don't, you will (normally) automatically lose the case.

Does Tennessee allow credit card garnishment?

A person's wages can not be garnished unless a judgment is obtained in court against that person. People get sued all the time for credit card debt. Once the credit card company gets a judgment, then they can garnish wages.

If you default on a credit card debt in Hong Kong can the bank sue you in Australia if you now live in Australia?

Yes. You can be sued for for unpaid debt no matter where you live. Further more, this debt WILL affect your financial standing in Australia and your ability to get credit here.

Can you be sued for a debt that does not appear on your credit report?

Yes, the credit report has no bearing on whether a debt is valid and subject to litigation.

Can you be sued for a charged off credit debt by the original creditor?


Can a credit card company sue you in court?

Yes, contrary to what some believe a consumer can be sued for unsecured debt (credit cards, promissory notes, pay day loans,etc.)

Could you get sued if you put the triforce on a credit card?


Does Tennessee allow garnishments for credit cards?

Garnishments can only be issued on debts which have been taken to court and a judgment has been issued. A person can be sued and taken to court for a credit card debt.

If you file bankruptcy after being sued by a credit card company is the judgment against you removed?

Yes, if it is not a perfected lien against real property and the debt was discharged in the bankruptcy.

I am being sued for unpaid credit card debt what do I do now?

You can file bankrupcy and still keep what you want to pay for. This stops the harrasement and keeps them from taking everything you own.

If the statute of limitation in Michigan is 6 years-is it 6 years from the last payment you have made on a credit card.?

Yes, 6 years is the SOL on credit card debt in Michigan. It is not only the last payment made on the card. If you made a charge on the card after the payment then it would be after that. Basically the SOL clock starts ticking when the last activity was made on the card by YOU - not the credit card company. Once that period is up, you can no longer legally be sued for the debt. Although some collection agencies will try it. Learn your debt collection rights by reading up on the FDCPA.

Can you be sued in nc for bad credit card debt?

Sure you can be sued. Any debt collector may sue you for amounts owed under a debt they have purchased from your original creditor. They can pursue a judgment, which is a court order to repay the debt. You may wish to check with a licensed attorney, since North Carolina has some restrictions on garnishments that other states may allow.

You are being sued by Midland Funding LLC you were wondering if this is legal to do since the credit card they are suing you over has not been used in over 4 years you live in Texas?

its is 7 years since last payment made on the credit card

Is there a statute of limitations on suing someone for credit card debt?

Yes, credit cards are considered open accounts, all states have SOL's pertaining to the time limit in which a debtor can be sued. You can find out what the SOL for your state is by visiting