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Can you be sued if you pay something on a defaulted credit card?

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Yes. If the account is not paid as agreed in the original contract the creditor can sue the debtor, but they ususally try to avoid legal action.

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If you get Sued for credit card debt can they take the house?

If you are being sued by a credit card company can they take your house?

Can I be sued for credit card debt?

If you don't pay your credit card bill... yes.

Could you get sued if you put the triforce on a credit card?


If you are sued for defaulted credit card debt do you have to go to court?

No, but in all likelihood a default judgment will be entered in favor of the plaintiff and can be enforced against the defendant debtor's real or personal property according to the laws of the debtor's state.

Can you be sued in North Carolina over credit card debt?

Yes you can.

Can a person with just lifetime rights on a deed be sued by a credit card company?

I mean is can the house have a lien put on it by the credit card co.?

Can You Be Sued for Credit Card Debts?

Absolutely yes. It happens to someone everyday.

Can you be sued here in the Philippines for a credit card debt in Dubai?

You're screwed.

Can you be sued over a defaulted car loan in Texas?


Does the state of Florida allow you to be sued over unpaid credit card debt?


Is there a limit in which you can be sued over credit card debt?

Your bank sets the limit. But yes.

Is an authorized credit card user responsible for his debt?

Of course, and they can be sued if they don't pay.

Can you be sued for non payment of credit cards in Illinois?

Yes. Every time you sign for a purchase, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions of use of the credit card which includes repayment. If you don't repay the debt, you will be sued for not only the credit card charges but for interest and probably legal fees, too.

Can you be sued if you don't have a job and can't pay credit card?

Yes....AND/or you would have your wages garnished.

Can you sue a credit card company for false charges?

A credit card company can be sued if the company puts the charge on your bill. It is a civil matter and would be taken to small claims court.

Can a credit card company garnish your wages in Iowa?

Yes, but only after you are sued, lose and have a judgement against you.

Does Tennessee allow credit card garnishment?

A person's wages can not be garnished unless a judgment is obtained in court against that person. People get sued all the time for credit card debt. Once the credit card company gets a judgment, then they can garnish wages.

Are you liable for the amount you signed for or the full balance on a credit card if you are an authorized user only?

If you're only an authorized user on a credit card, you don't directly owe anything as far as the credit company is concerned. However, you can still be sued by the individual who has the card account.

What does copyright work?

It means that if you copy something copyright and don't give it its props (or credit) you will be sued

Can you be sued by your credit card company for not paying your bill?

Yes, the agreement includes their ability to sue you for unpaid bills.

Can a credit card company seize money from a federal student loan?

Generally, credit card companies cannot "seize" money in any form. However, they could get a court ordered judgment against you, and if the company has a lien on your bank accounts, they will be able to take any money that is deposited there, regardless of the source. However, if you've defaulted on credit cards to the point where you've been sued, and they've gotten judgments, you aren't going to qualify for a student loan anyway, so this is moot.

can credit card companies garnish wages in Indiana?

In Indiana, a credit card company can only garnish wages if there has been a judgment against you. If they sued you, and you lost or did not show, and the Judge determined you owed, they can garnish you. They can not do it on their own.

In Kentucky how old do you need to be before you cannot be sued for defaulted debt?

There are no laws concerning the age of the debtor that prohibits a creditor lawsuit with the exception of those that relate to minors. An individual under the age of majority for their state of residence (usually 18) cannot legally enter into a financial contract and therefore could not be sued for debt. The exception to this rule is if the minor obtained credit, goods, monies by the use of deliberate fraudulent actions, such as using false indentification/information to procure a credit card.

What can be done to someone who owes credit card debt but has no money or property and is being sued?

get a job(s!) and pay off the debt

Do you have to appear in court when being sued for credit card debt?

In general, yes, however if you don't, you will (normally) automatically lose the case.