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Q: Can you be sued over a defaulted car loan in Texas?
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Can you be sued for not repaying a pay day loan in Texas?


Can you be sued by a finance company once you have defaulted on a car loan?

Yes, if the vehicle is repossessed and there is a deficit between the sale and the loan balance, (including fees and penalties)and the borrower cannot pay what is owed.

Will you get sued in Texas for not paying for car?

It is more likely the car will be repossessed by the lending agency, if you have defaulted on the loan. You may also be charged criminally. If you simply took a car without paying for it, this is classified as grand theft auto and, if caught, you will be charged criminally.

What to do if being sued for unpaid car loan in Texas but you don't have car?

It does not matter if you don't have the car any more. What matters is the unpaid loan you took out on it when you bought it. It is because of the loan, not the car, that you are being sued. You can try re-negotiating with the car dealership and with the financial company. If that fails, you can try to hire a lawyer to protect your interests.

Can a person be sued for a personal loan if they are on disability?


Who represents Texas when Texas is being sued?

The Attorney General

Do you have to be sued before a student loan can be withheld from a tax return?


If you cosign for a car loan can you be sued successfully?

Yes. If the signer defaults on the loan, then you, as the cosigner, would be liable.

Can you get sued for the balance of your car loan after the car is repossessed and sold?


Can you be sued for child injury on your property Texas?


When someone does not pay back a loan they can be?

Broke, sued, socially ostracized, deceased.

What to do if Being sued for unpaid car loan in pa?

Call the loan company and try to work with them. Next step is you loose the car.

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