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Can you be ticketed for shoplifting if you didn't steal anything?

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Only if they have probable cause to believe you did it, but you don't have to pay the ticket if they can't prove you did it, and you can sue the people who gave false testimony about you.


But then it would be up to you, to prove they gave false testimony about you.

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Is shoplifting almost as bad as stealing?

shoplifting is stealing...The value of what you steal during shoplifting depends on the degree of the charge. In New York, petit larceny is sealing anything valued under $1000. OVer $1000. then starts the degree of Felony. Shoplifting is a form of stealing usually when you go into a store to steal. DO NOT STEAL

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Where did the word 'shoplifting' come from?

People used to lift shop to steal things from inside the shop many years ago.

Shoplifting in California?

. . . is a crime. Depending on the value of the items you steal, it can be either a misdemeanor or a felony.

If I steal something from fry's electric store what is going happen to me?

You will be arrested. Shoplifting is illegal.

Is it illegal to sleepover in a department store if we didnt steal anything?

Unless you do it with the express concent of the owners, it's at least trespassing.

Can a shoplifting charge be changed to trespassing?

More often than not, yes it can be changed. But remember, if you steal an item that is valued more than a chocolate doughnut, the shoplifting charge will remain.

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Who does shoplifting apply to?

Any non-employee of the business. Employees who steal from their employers are chargeable under other statutes.

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It's not really an urge, but it's more like a psychological condition where the person is obsessed with stealing and shoplifting. Most Kleptomaniacs do steal for different reasons, mostly for the thrill.

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Would you get in trouble if you steal an undistributed movie?

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